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Winnipeg Airport Nearing Pre-Pandemic Passenger Volumes

February 6, 2024 10:29 AM | News

Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport

Winnipeg James Richardson International Airport (WAA.CA)

WINNIPEG — James Richardson International Airport has hit a passenger milestone to end the fourth quarter of 2023.

Winnipeg Airports Authority announced Tuesday it had welcomed nearly 4.1 million people through the air terminal last year. That’s the first time, since pre-pandemic 2019, that the airport has welcomed more than 4 million passengers in a single year.

“Looking back at our journey over the past 12 months and all that our dedicated team members were able to achieve alongside our esteemed partners, there is so much to be proud of,” said Nick Hays, president and CEO of WAA.

“From new routes to new airlines to more options for travellers, 2023 was truly an exciting year as it all equates to a more connected community, making Manitoba an even better place to call home.”

The numbers also represent an increase of roughly one million travellers compared to the year-end passenger count registered in 2022 and brings the airport within 91.3% of its pre-pandemic numbers.

In the fourth quarter alone, 957,081 passengers passed through the airport terminal.

WAA’s preliminary financials for the fourth quarter show that consolidated revenue climbed 11.1% from the same period in 2022 to $40.5 million. Net income also increased, rising by $21.7 million year-over-year.