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Mineral Extraction, Solar Glass Manufacturing Project to Create 270 Jobs: Province

February 14, 2024 1:46 PM | News

Silica Sand

The Manitoba government has unveiled plans for a silica sand extraction project in Hollow Water First Nation and a solar glass manufacturing facility in Selkirk.

Premier Wab Kinew and Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt made the announcement Wednesday in Selkirk.

The projects, spearheaded by Canadian Premium Sand, are set to create approximately 270 jobs in the region, with a focus on bolstering the local economy and advancing Manitoba’s low-carbon agenda. The silica sand extracted near Hollow Water First Nation will be utilized in the Selkirk manufacturing facility to produce solar glass, a crucial component in solar energy panel production.

“These projects will create good Manitoba jobs in the trades for Manitobans right here in Selkirk, as well as in Hollow Water and surrounding communities,” said Kinew.

According to the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics, the projects are expected to generate 250 direct jobs along with 600 to 700 jobs during the construction phase. Additionally, the extraction project is estimated to create 30 jobs near Hollow Water First Nation. Over a 10-year period, the projects are projected to contribute approximately $200 million in provincial taxes, while also positively impacting provincial GDP and labour income.

“Not only will it see almost one billion dollars invested into our community, creating 250 direct jobs in Selkirk and generating tens of millions of dollars in local economic activity each year, but it will make this region a vital hub in North America’s new low-carbon economy and be a magnet, attracting other commercial and manufacturing investments,” said Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson.

Watch Wednesday’s news conference:

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