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Portrait of Louis Riel Updated at Manitoba Legislature

February 19, 2024 11:42 AM | News

David Chartrand

Manitoba Métis Federation president David Chartrand and the new Louis Riel portrait at the Manitoba legislature on Monday, February 19, 2024. (YOUTUBE.COM/MANITOBAMETISMMF)

WINNIPEG — A new portrait designation recognizing Louis Riel as Manitoba’s first premier was unveiled on Monday.

Premier Wab Kinew and Manitoba Métis Federation president David Chartrand showcased the portrait during an event at the Manitoba legislature.

“Today we celebrate Riel’s legacy and the accomplishments of the Red River Métis people in Manitoba,” said Kinew.

The portrait, which has been on display at the Manitoba Legislative Building for many years, includes an updated plaque to reflect Riel’s status as Manitoba’s original head of government. The previous plaque designated Riel as president.

“This is an historic and momentous day as we reflect on the true history of Louis Riel and the Métis of the Red River,” said Chartrand. “Our history has been one of hardship, marginalization, racism and discrimination — a continued struggle for recognition of our identity as the Red River Métis people.”

Watch Monday’s event:

YouTube video

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