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Winnipeg Police Operation ‘Project Soft Landing’ Nets Millions in Cash, Weapons, Arrests

May 1, 2024 12:42 PM | News

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A Winnipeg Police Service shoulder badge is seen at the Public Information Office in Winnipeg, on September 2, 2021. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/David Lipnowski)

Winnipeg police say they’ve arrested 14 people in a drug bust that went across provincial lines.

Winnipeg Police Service’s Organized Crime Unit initiated “Project Soft Landing” in May 2023, targeting an inter-provincial drug network funneling illicit substances and potentially firearms from the Greater Toronto Area into Winnipeg.

The operation unveiled the network’s utilization of couriers, railways, and bus lines for trafficking activities, said police.

Collaboration among multiple law enforcement and government agencies, including the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, FINTRAC, and various police services from Ontario and British Columbia, helped the projects success, they said.

On March 6, law enforcement raided 22 places across Manitoba, Ontario, and British Columbia. The raids yielded significant seizures:

  • $1.7 million in Canadian currency
  • About 30 kilograms of cocaine (valued at $3 million)
  • 4 handguns (including 2 3D printed guns)
  • 1 sub-machine gun with a suppressor
  • Ammunition and loaded magazines
  • 75 kilograms of cutting agent
  • A hydraulic cocaine press with moulds
  • 12 vehicles, among them a Rolls Royce valued at $450,000, Mercedes, BMWs, and a Lexus
  • 3 vehicles equipped with custom-made concealment compartments
  • 1 Harley Davidson motorcycle
  • Proceeds of crime estimated at around $4 million, including jewelry, vehicles, and merchandise

The operation resulted in several arrests, with people facing charges related to organized crime, drug trafficking, possession of firearms, proceeds of crimes, and money laundering. They include:

  • Darcy Warmington (24) of Winnipeg
  • Kevon Warmington, (34), of Winnipeg,
  • Paige Preteau (27), of Winnipeg
  • Elvis Oyewole (33), of Winnipeg
  • Fiona Lewis (62), of Winnipeg
  • Cornelius Hibbert (55) of Winnipeg
  • Tovary Sharpe, (34), of Winnipeg
  • Adrian Cheston, (28), of Winnipeg
  • Kerry-ann Thompson, (32), of Winnipeg
  • Iwona Glogowski, (31), of Vancouver
  • Valentin Kokeny, (22), of Vancouver
  • Andy Le, (35), of Hamilton
  • Arber Imeri, (27), of Burlington
  • Tyrone Reid, (37), of Toronto