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Winnipeg Transit Expands Bus Safety Measures with Live Video Streaming

June 4, 2024 5:45 AM | News

Winnipeg Transit Safety

Winnipeg Transit’s control centre, where all video feeds are transmitted 24/7. (CITY OF WINNIPEG / HANDOUT)

Winnipeg Transit has permanently expanded a pilot project that allows live streaming of bus camera feeds to the transit control centre during emergency situations.

The initiative, which began in 2021, now includes all 607 buses in the fleet.

Mayor Scott Gillingham says the expansion is a key component of the city’s efforts to enhance safety for both passengers and drivers.

“It also complements other recent efforts like the launch of the Community Safety Team to patrol on buses and around transit stops, the installation of improved driver protection shields, and the modernization of the on-board communications system,” said Gillingham.

Bus operators have been trained to contact the control centre immediately during emergencies. The centre is staffed around the clock, ensuring continuous supervision and quick response times.

The use of LTE modem technology, first installed on buses in 2019, facilitates the live streaming capability without the need for additional equipment. The project was initially recommended by the Transit Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from various stakeholders, including the Winnipeg Police Service and the Amalgamated Transit Union.