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New Winnipeg Hydration Stations Open Ahead of Summer

June 8, 2024 8:12 AM | News

Winnipeg Hydration Station

The hydration station at 470 Selkirk Avenue. (WINNIPEG.CA)

Before the summer heat arrives, the City of Winnipeg is opening additional hydration stations for the public.

Four new hydration stations have been added to the existing three this year to help residents stay hydrated during extreme heat events.

The stations feature a bottle-filling spout that provides drinking water 24 hours a day.

“Expanding our hydration station program ensures more residents have convenient access to drinking water during the hottest days of summer,” said Mayor Scott Gillingham.

Residents can find the hydration stations at:

  • 470 Selkirk Ave. (The Bell Tower)
  • 185 Young St. (Broadway Neighbourhood Centre)
  • Southwest corner of Stella Avenue and Main Street (near Mount Carmel Clinic)
  • Northeast corner of Princess Street and Henry Avenue (near Siloam Mission)
  • Southeast corner of Roslyn Road and Osborne Street
  • 369 Furby St. (near Agape Table)
  • Southeast corner of Maryland Street and Ellice Avenue (near Spence Neighbourhood Association)

The hydration stations are connected to fire hydrants for a continuous supply of drinking water.

They will be removed in the fall before temperatures dip below freezing.