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TSN GO App Available to Shaw Customers

TSN GO App Available to Shaw Customers

By Tyler Sutherland

TSN GOShaw Cable and Direct customers now have access to video content on the free TSN GO and TSN TV Everywhere apps.

The on-demand sports content is free for subscribers who already receive TSN on TV.

The app can access five national video feeds and on-demand content, and also live audio streaming of TSN Radio’s all-sports stations in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Montreal.

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Folk Festival App Now Available for iPad, Android

Folk Festival App Now Available for iPad, Android

By Brian Schultz

Winnipeg Folk Festival fans can now keep tabs on their favourite artists while roaming the grounds of Birds Hill Park.

A smartphone app has been launched by the festival for iPad and Android devices. New features this year include a grid-style schedule that mirrors the familiar look of the festival’s printed program book, automatic pop-up schedule reminders for “favourited” concerts and workshops, and un-obtrusive, over-the-air, updates.

The app also contains the Folk Festival’s entire 2012 lineup, with performer bios, videos, web links, interactive maps, photo and video sharing, the integration with Facebook and Twitter.

The Folk Festival’s free app — also available for all iOS devices — saw a 50 percent increase in its user base in 2011.

The app was developed by Montreal-based Greencopper.

CIS Sports Now Streaming on Mobile Devices

CIS Sports Now Streaming on Mobile Devices

This season, Canadian universities will be able to target mobile users to watch their teams’ athletics.

The Canada West Universities Athletic Association has made live streaming of its game available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

CanadaWest.TV is a partnership with Stretch Internet, and will make it easier for fans to watch CIS basketball, volleyball, football and hockey on their mobile devices.

The University of Manitoba Bisons will have their own games on the service, with the first being Bison football facing the Regina Rams on Saturday in pre-season action.

The first regular season game to be streamed will be football, with the UBC Thunderbirds playing the Rams at Mosaic Stadium on September 2.

Manitoba’s portal can be viewed by clicking here.

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Folklorama Launches Smartphone App for iOS

Folklorama is making it easier this year for people to find their way to pavilions.

Organizers behind the annual multicultural event launched a smartphone app on Tuesday — designed for iPhone and iPad. The free app is available for download from the App Store, and a BlackBerry version will be available soon.

The app mirrors information found in the printed Folklorama Travel Guide, listing pavilion hours, show times, and added features for users to interact with the app. Users can also rate and track pavilions they’ve visited in the MyFolklorama section.

The GPS-enabled app can also provide directions to all of the pavilions and show users the pavilions nearest to their location.

The app was designed by Winnipeg-based Honest Agency.

Folklorama runs July 31 to August 13. A launch previewing this year’s pavilions will be held Thursday at noon under the canopy at The Forks.

Apple Launches iPad 2, Available in Canada March 25

Apple iPad 2 (APPLE)

Apple unveiled a redesigned version of its popular iPad tablet to the world on Wednesday.

Company CEO Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco to make the presentation, while drawing a standing ovation for making an appearance outside of his medical leave announced earlier this year.

The new iPad 2 will be thinner, faster and handle graphics better than its older sibling, released just last year, and be available for shipping on March 25 in Canada. Our neighbours to the south will get their hands on the new device on March 11. The word on local Twitter feeds was buzzing Wednesday afternoon with Winnipeggers already scheming to make a road trip to Minneapolis to be one of the first adopters.

The guts of the device feature an A5 chip, which boasts dual-core processors capable of delivering graphics nine times faster and double the CPU speed. Like its earlier model, the iPad 2 will still hold its 10-hour battery life capabilities.

Apple also gave customers what they were asking for from the beginning — a front-facing camera. The device also includes a rear-facing camera, similar to the visual setup on the current iPhone 4.

Engineers shaved off a few millimetres from the physical design, making the iPad 2 33% thinner at 8.8 mm over its older 13.4 mm model. The new design makes for a lighter product at only 1.3 lbs.

The iPad 2 will be optionally available in white, giving customers the choice to ditch the standard black model for a brighter body.

Price point stays the same as previous models at $499 U.S. for the entry level 16 GB WiFi version. The maxed out version with 64 GB of storage on WiFi and 3G will run you $829 USD. Specific Canadian pricing wasn’t immediately available.

Other features include HDMI video out, and a newer version of iOS (4.3), capable of handling FaceTime, iMovie and GarageBand.

Apple also revealed an accessory cover for the iPad 2, which only covers the screen as to not hide the beautiful design. The polyurethane case will run you $39 and be held on via magnets to auto-align it. The iPad 2 will wake up when the case is opened and go to sleep when it’s closed. A leather version of the same case will retail for $69.

U of M Creates App for News, Videos and Podcasts

The University of Manitoba is making it easier for people to stay connected with what’s going on at the university by launching their own mobile app.

“U of M News” is free to download to your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from the App Store and includes access to campus news, tweets, videos and podcasts.

The app also allows users to share news and photos with the U of M by reporting on-campus activities with a simple tap.

The U of M is the first post-secondary institution in the province to offer such an app.

Download the free app.

iPad Owners Already Reporting Problems

The Apple iPad only came out on Saturday and already owners are reporting flaws with the new tablet-style device.

According to Internet reports, these are just some of the downsides:

  • Weak Wi-Fi signals — Fluctuating signals vary by device, but remain strong on iPhones and MacBooks in the same location.
  • Apps crash unexpectedly — A number of apps have failed to remain operational and close without any warning. Others don’t load and need to be uninstalled and reinstalled before they can function.
  • Charging issues — The iPad doesn’t charge when turned on, and must be shut down completely in some cases to begin the charging process.
  • Keyboard glitches — Using the on screen keyboard has yielded some unresponsive keys when used quickly, while other keys lag slowly behind.
  • Syncing issues — Some users have said they have waited up to five hours to sync their iPad with their iTunes library. Others have said the iPad freezes when attempting to be synced.
  • Lack of Canadian access to content — Licensing issues may end up causing headaches for Canadian consumers when the iPad comes north of the border at the end of April. A large selection of apps are U.S.-only and include video, music and TV content that hasn’t yet been licensed for broadcast in the country.

Originally to be discussed earlier this week, iTVWinnipeg.com will hold an iPad round table today to discuss the device with other local technology experts to explain what it means to us in Winnipeg.

ChrisD.ca photo

iPad Launch Draws Canadians South of the Border

Canadians couldn’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadget from Apple — a tablet-style computer called the iPad. We’re sure you’ve heard of it.

Winnipegger Glenn Tinley of iTVWinnipeg.com drove down to Minneapolis late Friday afternoon for the launch of the iPad Saturday morning at the Mall of America. Tinley wasn’t the only one who made the trek. Local photographer Ian McCausland and Kevin Hnatiuk of New Media Manitoba were also in line bright and early.

The three will examine the device in more detail when they sit down for a discussion at iTVWinnipeg’s offices on Monday. Tinley — the president of Studio Media Group — will talk about what the iPad means from a publishing standpoint, while McCausland and Hnatiuk focus on the photography and new media aspects of it, respectively. Video from the iPad summit will be available shortly thereafter.

When turned into landscape mode, the iPad renders ChrisD.ca in a neat, readable format (above). Because the iPad, like the iPhone and iPod Touch, does not support Flash, we’re in the process of converting our videos to HTML5 so they will all be viewable in the future.

While Apple hasn’t set a specific date for when the device will launch in Canada, it’s expected to be on store shelves by late April. Currently the Wi-Fi version is available for $499 USD, with a 3G subscription-based model coming later for an additional $130.

UPDATE: The video discussion on the iPad has been moved to Thursday, April 8.

Image credit: Glenn Tinley for ChrisD.ca