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Craig Ferguson to Play Pantages Theatre in October

Craig Ferguson to Play Pantages Theatre in October

Craig Ferguson
Craig Ferguson

Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, host of “The Late Late Show,” is touring a select number of Canadian cities this fall and Winnipeg is on the list.

“Craig Ferguson Live!” will play at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre on Saturday, October 19.

Ferguson got his start in the entertainment industry as a drummer for punk bands in the UK. He later went into acting and played Drew Carey’s boss, Nigel Wick, on “The Drew Carey Show” from 1996 to 2003.

Tickets to see Ferguson go on sale Friday, June 14 at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster for $42.50 and $49.50.


Dauphin Couple Put into Spotlight on ‘Late Show’

Dauphin Couple Put into Spotlight on ‘Late Show’

A recently-married couple from Dauphin made it on national TV Wednesday night when they were featured on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Program and music director Bruce Leperre from 730 CKDM tells us Eric and Talya Solski wore T-shirts from the radio station while in the audience, and caught the attention of Letterman himself.

Below the prominently placed 730 CKDM logo, the couple scrawled “Newlywed” in black lettering.

Letterman interrupted his Top 10 list to give the couple official “Late Show” T-shirts instead.

While interviewing Erica Hill, host of the CBS “Early Show,” Letterman asked her what it might be like in Manitoba early in the morning. Hill responded by saying, “cold.”

This is the second time in recent weeks Letterman has mentioned Manitoba on the show. In June, Winnipeg made it on to the show’s Top 10 list.

And last November, Letterman featured Gary Williams — mayor of Waskada, Manitoba — on the show for ‘kind of’ resembling him.

Winnipeg Cracks Letterman’s Top 10 List

Winnipeg Cracks Letterman’s Top 10 List

Winnipeg was in the spotlight Wednesday night when we made the Top 10 List on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Winnipeg made David Letterman's Top 10 list on "The Late Show" Wednesday night. (CBS)

Under the topic of “Signs It’s Too Hot,” Winnipeg made number 8.

It’s not the first time our fair city has been included on the late night CBS show. Letterman has previously mentioned Winnipeg by name countless times over the years, even claiming to have owned a ranch in Manitoba at one point — albeit a mere fabrication.

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Winnipeg Woman Wins Big on ‘The Price is Right’

Winnipeg Woman Wins Big on ‘The Price is Right’

Winnipegger Angelina Goertzen appeared on "The Price is Right" Friday. (FACEBOOK / CBS)

A Winnipeg woman tried her luck on “The Price is Right” and won big time.

Angelina Goertzen came on down and won a gas range right off the bat, guessing $1,300 on the $1,499 item to earn a spot on stage.

So overwhelmed with excitement, the WestJet flight attendant crawled on her hands and knees to greet host Drew Carey.

The episode was taped December 1, 2010, but aired on CBS Friday morning. Goertzen was bound by a signed contract to not reveal the outcome of the show, but was rumoured to win the entire Showcase.

While she didn’t win the snowmobile placed in front of her during a game of ‘Bonkers,’ she did spin an impressive 85 cents on the big wheel to move on to the Showcase Showdown.

Goertzen ended up winning her Showcase, which included swimwear and beachwear, a trip to Tulum, Mexico and a Sea-Doo sports boat. She bid $23,000 on the items, which actually retailed at $25,130.

In total, Goertzen won over $26,000 in prizes.

“Unfortunately they can’t ship any of it (the prizes) to Canada so I get money! Woo-Hoo!,” Goertzen said in an e-mail Friday. She tells ChrisD.ca the show is sending her a cheque for all the prizes in the next 70 days.

This isn’t the first time in recent years a Winnipegger has appeared on the show. In 2009, school teacher Nicole Bouchard made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown.

Small Town Mayor Kind of Looks Like David Letterman

A small Manitoba town was put on the map Monday night when its mayor was featured on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”


[flv:https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/david-letterman-small-town-news-nov-22-2010.m4v https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/david-letterman-small-town-news-nov-22-2010.jpg 480 272]

During a comedy segment called “Small Town News,” Letterman held up a clipping from the Winnipeg Free Press featuring Gary Williams, the mayor of Waskada, Manitoba.

“He kind of looks like me,” Letterman quipped, in which viewers send in newspaper clippings of amusing bits of information, or funny misprints.

The photo of Williams originally ran in the July 17, 2010 edition of the Free Press surrounding a story on the town’s tiny population — only 199.

Waskada is located about 350 km southwest of Winnipeg.

Video courtesy of Worldwide Pants Incorporated/CBS

“The Amazing Race” Makes Quick Stop in Winnipeg

“The Amazing Race” Makes Quick Stop in Winnipeg

The Amazing RaceCast and crew from the hit CBS reality show “The Amazing Race” were in Winnipeg on Friday — this, according to Dave Wheeler at Power 97.

Wheels said in an e-mail late Monday that they were filming here for the next season, and needed to shoot a bowling scene. Because there isn’t five-pin bowling in the U.S., they had to make a stop at Dakota Lanes in St. Vital.

The shoot apparently took an hour and a half.

No word if Winnipeg was a scheduled stop, or a spur of the moment decision made by production staff.

Forget The Forks, Winnipeg is now known for its bowling centres. But The Forks is still cool, too.

UPDATE: According to some readers, it wasn’t the TV show that was in town, but rather Family Services doing their own Amazing Race.

Winnipeg Resident Tries Her Luck on ‘The Price is Right’

One Winnipeg resident was called to come on down to compete on the popular game show “The Price is Right.” Nicole Bouchard, a radio and TV instructor at Tec Voc High School, made it all the way to the Showcase Showdown. In the episode, which aired Wednesday morning on CBS, Nicole gave a shout-out to her fellow staff and students alongside host Drew Carey.

“It was an unbelievable experience overall. I was thrilled at just being in the audience, because I do teach broadcasting so to witness all the production elements first hand was really cool for me. The bonus was being called as a contestant. I don’t know what I did to get the producers to choose me, but I guess I did something right,” Nicole told ChrisD.ca on Wednesday afternoon. “It was an honour to be up there, and an honour to represent Winnipeg and Canada on an internationally recognized show.”

The episode was originally taped on March 30.