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Winnipeg’s Curbside Giveaway Weekend May 13-14

Winnipeg’s Curbside Giveaway Weekend May 13-14

You know all that unwanted stuff in your house that collected dust over the winter? Somebody will take it off your hands for you.

The City of Winnipeg’s annual spring curbside giveaway weekend is May 13-14, providing an opportunity to place unwanted items at the curb.

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Unwanted Goods Find New Homes This Weekend

Unwanted items sit at the end of a driveway on Parkroyal Bay in Linden Woods in this May 2012 file photo. (CHRISD.CA)

It’s that time of year again when your junk is someone else’s treasure.

The city’s bi-annual Giveaway Weekend is May 12-13, where residents can haul their unwanted goods to the curb for pickup.

Residents should place items on their front street and label each item with a “free” sticker or sign. Items that you don’t want to be picked up should be safely tucked away. Leftover items must be removed from the curb by dusk on Sunday.

Winnipeg’s fall Giveaway Weekend will be September 8 and 9, 2012.

Giveaway Weekend Returns for Another Season

Prepare your unwanted treasures for a farewell at the curb — another Giveaway Weekend is upon us.

The City of Winnipeg’s biannual event encourages citizens to leave their unwanted items outside on Saturday and Sunday with a ‘free’ sign attached to them.

Anything from books, CDs and DVDs, to furniture, electronics, sports equipment and kitchen gadgets, there’s likely something for everybody.

If you’re participating, here are a few tips:

  • Place unwanted household items at the curb on your front street.
  • Label each item with a FREE sticker or sign.
  • Keep any items safely tucked away that you don’t want to give away.

Don’t put out…

  • Hazardous material
  • Items that could be unsafe
  • Items that may contain bedbugs (e.g., mattresses, linens, furniture)

Items that didn’t get picked up must be removed by dusk on Sunday, September 11.

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Third ‘Giveaway Weekend’ on Saturday and Sunday

Giveaway Weekend (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA FILE)

The city is holding its third Giveaway Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, where residents are encouraged to place unwanted items on the curb for others to come pick up for free.

It’s an opportunity to find reusable items that owners no longer need, but may be useful to others.

The city is reminding residents to place “free” stickers on items and leave them at the curb on their front street.

The most common items seen on the curb in previous years have been books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, sports equipment and kitchen gadgets.

An emphasis this year is being put on preventing the spread of bedbugs, so linens, mattresses and furniture are some items residents should not be giving away.

All items must be removed by dusk on Sunday.

The City of Winnipeg’s fall Giveaway Weekend will be September 10 and 11, 2011.

Curbside Giveaway Weekend September 11 and 12

Unwanted items sit at the end of a driveway on Parkroyal Bay in Linden Woods on May 6, 2010 during a photo op put on by the City of Winnipeg to promote Giveaway Weekend. (CHRISD.CA)

Winnipeg’s next Giveaway Weekend is planned for this Saturday and Sunday, September 11 and 12.

It’s your chance to go through unwanted items lying around your house and put them curbside for others to come and take at no charge.

It’s the third time the city has held Giveaway Weekend and it appears to be a growing success.

As university and college students get settled into a new semester this month, work stations and desks are in high demand, as well as night stands, tables and other furniture to accommodate a small dorm room.

As usual, place a sign that says “FREE” on the items near the curb that you no longer need. You can download free stickers to affix to your items from the City of Winnipeg website.

Anything that isn’t picked up should be removed from the curb by dusk on Sunday.

For information on items that aren’t safe to give away (e.g., baby walkers, lawn darts) visit the Consumer Product Safety Bureau.

Bargain Hunters Hit the Streets for Giveaway Weekend

Bargain Hunters Hit the Streets for Giveaway Weekend

The city’s second annual Giveaway Weekend was held Saturday and continues today throughout Winnipeg until dusk. It’s a chance for you to unload some of your unwanted items for others to take, and therefore keeping them out of the landfill.

This exercise bike to the left was sitting lonely at the curbside yesterday waiting for someone to take it home. Looks to be in fine condition, but you may want to raise that seat a little bit before hopping on.

By the looks of things in several neighbourhoods, many bargain hunters were happy to give a second life to the unwanted goods of others.

The second Giveaway Weekend this year will be held September 11 and 12.

ChrisD.ca photos/Ted Grant

Great Weather in Store for Giveaway Weekend

The weather couldn’t be better for the city’s second annual Giveaway Weekend on Saturday and Sunday, as nothing but sunshine and warm temperatures are predicted.

Residents should drag any unwanted items to the curb on Saturday morning and slap on a “FREE” sticker. Just make sure you move your possessions back inside by dusk on Sunday.

The first Giveaway Weekend took place last fall, and was a huge success. In fact, some residents in Whyte Ridge got a head start last Saturday by holding the neighbourhood’s annual garage sale, and including many free items curbside.

As for what you shouldn’t put out, the city says to stay away from strollers, cribs and children’s toys with loose parts. You should also not put out any old mattresses, or other items you wouldn’t pick up yourself. Objects that are broken, or contain sharp edges and rusted parts should also be avoided.

The second Giveaway Weekend of the year will take place on September 11 and 12.

Speaking of giving away random free stuff — that was one of the topics Thursday morning with “The Panel” on CURVE 94.3. The lovely ladies from Shaw TV — Meera Bahadoosingh and Kim Babij — stopped by to chat with Andrea and Jay about the event.



ChrisD.ca photo

Second Annual Giveaway Weekend Next Week

Round up your unwanted items and prepare to move them to the curb — the city’s second annual Giveaway Weekend is set for Saturday, May 15 and Sunday, May 16.

Darryl Drohomerski, the city’s Manager of Solid Waste Services, explains …


Simply place a “FREE” sticker or sign on your unwanted household items and place them at the curb on your front street. Leftover items must be removed from the curb by dusk on Sunday.

Examples of giveaway items

  • books, CDs and DVDs
  • furniture, electronics and small appliances
  • sports equipment and toys
  • yard and gardening tools and equipment (e.g., lawn mowers, snow throwers, rakes, shovels)
  • kitchen gadgets, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans
  • unwanted gifts
  • construction material (e.g., nails, paint, wood)
  • clothing

Giveaway etiquette

  • Take only the items at the curb marked “FREE”.
  • Respect other people’s property — don’t walk or drive on people’s lawns or gardens.
  • Giveaway items should still be in good condition.
  • Don’t discard any items on another person’s lawn.
  • Consider safety when deciding which items to give away.

For information on items that aren’t safe to give away (e.g., baby walkers, lawn darts), visit the Consumer Product Safety Bureau.

Another Giveaway Weekend will take place in the fall, from September 11 to 12.

ChrisD.ca video

First Giveaway Weekend a Success

First Giveaway Weekend a Success

Giveaway WeekendWinnipeg’s first Giveaway Weekend was a success, according to those expressing their opinions on local blogs and other social media sites.

On Saturday and Sunday, residents put out items on the curb that they no longer had any use for. Winnipeggers drove up and down city streets collecting various treasures at no cost, ranging from sports equipment and electronics, to household furnishings and kitchenware.

We were following the Twitter feed over the weekend for the keywords ‘Winnipeg’ + ‘giveaway’ and most folks found River Heights to have the mother load of free items available. One resident claimed to have found a Nintendo game console that he says was under five years old. Another giveaway hunter picked up a complete set of dishes, including a serving set.

Global News interviewed St. Boniface councillor Dan Vandal on Saturday, who said he would see no reason why the city wouldn’t bring back Giveaway Weekend next year.

The idea was so popular with some, that it even sealed a future vote for Mayor Sam Katz in the next election according to this YouTube video.

While most of the free items available were of use to others, there were a couple that raised a few eyebrows. Lindsay Warner tweeted that she came across a box of jalapeno popcorn and some whiskey jars.

The first time for an event is always an opportunity to learn how to do it better next time. Some folks were complaining that people were coming by with trailers and loading up anything and everything. Some speculate that these items will turn up at garage sales across the city this weekend.

This local blog suggests three ways to improve on things, which include running it via select neighbourhoods, instead of city-wide.

First Ever Giveaway Weekend is Here

Free StuffDust off the junk sitting in your basement that you no longer use — Giveaway Weekend is here.

The city’s first annual event — where residents can place unwanted goods on the curb — was first spearheaded by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation several months ago. The idea is to reduce waste in the landfill and recycle useful items. Some have even been calling it “free-cycling.”

There are a few rules you should familiarize yourself with first, just to make sure things go smoothly.

If you’re in the market for some golf paraphernalia, or travel luggage, you may want to head over to Mayor Sam Katz‘s place.

As for what some residents plan on giving away, we took to Twitter to find out:

ha where do i start? all of it lol! i give away for free but need to hire sum1 to help me move to the curb!! lol (@jay1023clearfm)

I am putting out an old pair of golf clubs, an old tv and lots of toys. (@Jimcottonwpg)

some old computer equipment. 386, 486 and a pentium system. not too useful any more but maybe good for a freebie. (@lengoldenstein)

More information about the initiative is available on the city’s website. Giveaway weekend is both Saturday and Sunday from dawn to dusk.