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Global TV Tells Manitoba Tories to Pull Ad in Copyright Dispute

Global TV Tells Manitoba Tories to Pull Ad in Copyright Dispute

By Steve Lambert, The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG — An attack ad by Manitoba’s Opposition Progressive Conservatives has been pulled from Global Television in a copyright dispute that one expert says is part of a growing battle between media outlets and political parties.

The ad criticizes severance packages the NDP government gave to seven advisers who parted ways with Premier Greg Selinger in the wake of a leadership crisis last year. The 30-second spot is based almost entirely on Global News footage of the premier walking away from two reporters who were asking him questions.

Global has stopped airing the ads and has sent a letter to the Tories, demanding the ad be removed from other television channels as well as online sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

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Global Winnipeg Taking Newscasts on the Road

Global WinnipegGlobal Winnipeg is leaving the studio and taking its newscasts into the community later this month.

Beginning Tuesday, August 13, Global’s “Morning News” will broadcast from the pedway system below 201 Portage Avenue until Friday, August 30.

The “Evening News” and “News Hour Final” will broadcast from various locations around the city during the same weeks, according to a release from Shaw Media.

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Global Winnipeg Goes on Hiring Frenzy

Management at Global Winnipeg will be busy over the next few weeks working to fill five open positions for its future morning show.

The Shaw Media-owned station is currently hiring a technical producer, reporter/anchor, news producer, news camera/photographer, and a weather and traffic reporter/anchor.

The station posted the positions on Monday, and all have an application deadline of January 3, 2012.

A launch date for the morning show hasn’t yet been announced.

CRTC Examining Supplemental Funding to Local TV

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will review funding cable and satellite companies provide to local television stations throughout the country, including three in Winnipeg.

The Local Programming Improvement Fund is made up of 1.5 percent of gross broadcasting revenues from cable and satellite companies and was established in 2009. By the end of 2012, the fund will have handed out $300 million to 75 stations. CTV Winnipeg, CBC Manitoba (including French) and Global Winnipeg are all recipients of funding in the program, of which one of the requirements is the stations provide local programming that includes news.

Coming up to its third year now, the CRTC will take a look at how the stations are performing, if additional spending on local programming should be made, how the funds are being allocated, if the 1.5 percent contribution should be raised/lowered, or if the program should be cancelled altogether.

Anyone who wants to submit comments on the issue can do so online by February 15, 2012. A public hearing will begin on April 16, 2012 in Gatineau, Quebec.

Global Winnipeg Goes Digital Over-the-Air

Global Winnipeg Goes Digital Over-the-Air

By Brian Schultz

Global TV is the first channel in Winnipeg to go digital over-the-air (OTA).

The newly-acquired television asset of Shaw Media Inc. made the switch on December 16, broadcasting in HD to channel 40.1 at 14,900 watts.

Only those with rabbit ears can pick up the new digital channel, which was approved by the CRTC last August. A digital converter box will be required for older televisions without an ATSC tuner.

According to DigitalHome.ca, the channel is mapping at 9.1 HD and 9.3 SD, and has a signal strength of 95%.

Other broadcasters have until August 31, 2011 to complete the transition to digital.

Shaw is expected to make a formal announcement this week regarding the channel.

UPDATE: Shaw has added Global Winnipeg in 1080i to channel 211 for digital subscribers.

Global TV Hiring for Sports Reporter/Anchor

By Brian Schultz

Global TV is hiring a soccer-loving sports reporter/anchor to work on its Winnipeg-produced “Fox Soccer Report.”

The seven-day a week program airs nationally throughout Canada and internationally in the U.S.

The successful candidate must be able to prepare edited/voiced items for the hour-long program and be able to serve as a back up anchor.

The deadline to send in a resume and demo reel is December 12, 2010.

Further qualifications and details on how to apply can be found at MediaJobSearchCanada.com.

Two-Hour Morning Newscast Coming to Winnipeg TV

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) cleared the way for Shaw Communications to purchase Canwest’s television and cable assets on Friday.

The $2 billion deal has been in the works for months, ever since Canwest filed for bankruptcy protection last October.

Shaw will acquire 11 of Global TV’s stations and specialty cable channels, including HGTV, Showcase, History Television, TVtropoplis and the Food Network.

The Calgary-based company will also produce new two-hour morning newscasts in Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

Other highlights of the transaction include the conversion of 67 analog transmitters to digital in smaller markets, and the installation of a satellite or receiver dish free of charge to viewers who can no longer view over-the-air signals.

Shaw’s proposal also includes the purchase of more drama, documentary and comedy programs from independent producers, and the investment in new media content that will support news programming and programs of national interest.

The company will spend roughly $180 million over the next seven years to implement its plans.

The federal broadcast regulator approved the deal on the same day Shaw’s CEO, Jim Shaw, announced he would be stepping down. The reigns of the company will be given to Jim’s younger brother, Bradley Shaw, on January 13, 2011. Jim served as CEO for the last 12 years and will remain on the board of directors.

— With files from a news release

Hot 103 Signs Weather Specialist Craig Larkins

Winnipeg radio station Hot 103 has signed Global TV weather specialist Craig Larkins to a multi-week contract. Financial details of the signing were not disclosed, although a news release from the station on Thursday said his salary has a ‘2’ in it.

Craig Larkins’ Weekend Weather All-Request Dance Party featuring LTI, Chrissy Troy and Ace Burpee will be the new name of the show every Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

“Craig is no stranger to the HOT 103 morning show crew, having grown up with co-host Lloyd the Intern,” the station said. “As young boys, the two would often discuss low pressure systems and cold, dry air masses.”

How does Chrissy Troy feel about the announcement? “(She) was thrilled … mainly because Craig Larkins is awesome.” Well put.

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Canada’s TV Networks Airing Benefit Show for Haiti

Canada’s TV Networks Airing Benefit Show for Haiti

By Sarah Klein

Canada’s three major television networks will broadcast a benefit show tonight in support of Haiti.

“Canada for Haiti” will air at 9 p.m. CT on CBC, CTV and Global TV, and feature dozens of Canadian actors and musicians.

Ryan Reynolds, William Shatner, Pamela Anderson, Eugene Levy, Will Arnett and Sarah Oh are just a few of the big names. Celine Dion, James Cameron, Wayne Gretzky, Brent Butt, Alex Trebek and Michael J. Fox have also signed on.

Musical guests include Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado, Justin Bieber and the Barenaked Ladies, among others.

Donations collected will go to a number of charities, including UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Red Cross, Oxfam Canada, Free the Children and Care Canada.

Canadians can show their support by donating at CanadaForHaiti.com, calling 1-877-51-HAITI (42484), or by texting AID to 45678.

Before the Canadian show, a two-hour U.S. benefit “Hope for Haiti Now” will air on the same networks at 7 p.m. CT. The special will be hosted by George Clooney and include performances by Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, Bono and Bruce Springsteen.

The U.S. benefit will also be available on MTV, MuchMusic and National Geographic Channel.

UPDATE: The Canadian benefit raised $9.4 million Friday night.

Viewer to Global TV: Apologize to the Haitian Community

A Global TV viewer is demanding an on-air apology after Monday evening’s Winnipeg newscast. According to an e-mail sent to the newsroom (and copied to ChrisD.ca), the fury lies within the ‘Question of the Day’ poll regarding yesterday’s power outage/low water pressure issue. One of the options compares the situation to Haiti.

Read the e-mail below:

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this email to air convey disgust over tonight’s “question of the day” poll. The question asked us about our thoughts on today’s water/power debacle and one of the choices was the following: Compared with the problem in Haiti – how good we have it here.

How could the news director/programmer or whomever came up with this one, even dare think of this? Trying to compare it to Haiti? Are you kidding me? Trying to compare it to Haiti is unprofessional, heartless, and completely uncalled for; thousands upon thousands of Haitians are dead or dying, not to mention starving – including children. This option is completely appalling and shows the lengths that desperate media outlets will go to just to have something “news worthy”. Thirty minutes of no water or the lack of water pressure is nothing compared to the situation in Haiti –THEY HAVE NONE! NO CLEAN WATER, NO FOOD, NO SHELTER! Their water, unlike ours, will not be able to be turned on after a moment of minutes by our engineers. The outcome for Haiti looks bleak and our Armed Forces (not to mention many Military operations from around the world) and the tireless efforts of many wonderful organizations, such as the Red Cross, are trying everything they can do in their power to have water and food delivered to them, including building temporary shelter.

I think that Global Winnipeg and CJOB should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking of this for an option in tonight’s poll.

I am asking, no demanding, an on-air apology (and retraction) for this; especially an apology to the members of Winnipeg’s Haitian community. There may be a handful or more that are waiting to hear from their loved ones, who they might be having trouble contacting after this devastation.



News director Jon Lovlin told us he’ll follow up on the concerns that have been raised.

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