Meera Bahadoosingh Articles

Reporter Meera Bahadoosingh Becoming a Cop

Meera Bahadoosingh -- one of the city's best known television reporters and storytellers -- is putting down her microphone for a set of handcuffs. Bahadoosingh will leave the local media scene to embark on a new career in law enforcement after being accepted into the...

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Meera Bahadoosingh Joining Shaw TV Winnipeg

Another vacant spot will soon be left at Global TV. Reporter Meera Bahadoosingh will be joining Andrea Slobodian over at Shaw, but not in Calgary. Meera has accepted a position with Shaw TV Winnipeg. They must pay well over there. After being tipped off about Meera's...

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Local News Reporter Shares Personal Health Story

A respected Winnipeg news reporter has gone through quite the health ordeal over the last several months. Global TV's Meera Bahadoosingh suffered a mild stroke back in February and has been on the road to recovery ever since. This information was known to me a while...

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