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Court Date for Ex-Bombers Coach Postponed

Court Date for Ex-Bombers Coach Postponed

By Tyler Sutherland

Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Mike Kelly will have Christmas to worry about his upcoming court date. The recently fired coach was arrested and charged with assault and harassment last week after an alleged domestic dispute with his former girlfriend at his home near Philadelphia.

Kelly was set to appear in court Wednesday, but that won’t happen now until sometime in January. Kelly’s lawyer — Tim Woodward — wasn’t able to attend the previously scheduled date and asked the court for a new one.

Woodward was quoted as telling The Canadian Press on Monday that Kelly “maintains his innocence” and that they will “vigorously defend the charges.”

Kelly, 51, is rumoured to be considering a lawsuit against the Bombers over his dismissal. A lawsuit that would likely be ‘handled internally’ and deemed a ‘non-issue.’

Back in Winnipeg, the football club is still searching for a new president and CEO, head coach and now a VP of football operations, as Ross Hodgkinson moves into the interim position.

On the fan front, the Blue Bombers have extended their season ticket renewal deadline to Friday, January 8.

One Last Jab at Former Coach Kelly

One Last Jab at Former Coach Kelly

By Tyler Sutherland

It was a tumultuous week on the local sports scene. Let’s end it with one parting shot at former Blue Bombers coach Mike Kelly.

Mike Kelly - Winnipeg Blue Bombers

From the guys at CURVE 94.3…



Image credit: CFL.ca

Google to Bombers: Do Your Background Checks

Google to Bombers: Do Your Background Checks

During Thursday night’s media scrum with Winnipeg Blue Bombers chairman Ken Hildahl regarding that whole firing situation, a coincidental on-screen ad appeared on the Free Press’ live stream.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Free Press Live Stream

The advertisement for personal background checks — supplied by Google — conveniently appeared as Hildahl said, “The (people) that we put into both of these positions we want to be rock solid, solid moral background.”

Former coach Mike Kelly apparently had a clean criminal background.

Blue Bombers Fire Coach Mike Kelly After Arrest

Blue Bombers Fire Coach Mike Kelly After Arrest

Mike Kelly - Winnipeg Blue BombersThe Winnipeg Blue Bombers have fired Mike Kelly as head coach of the team following an alleged domestic dispute Thursday morning at his home near Philadelphia. Bomber chairman Ken Hildahl used more delicate wording delivering the news Thursday night, calling it being “relieved of his duties.”

According to reports, police in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania responded to a 911 call at 11:03 a.m. EST. Police discovered Kelly’s former girlfriend — Andrea Peterson — with a cut lip, redness on her neck and a cut finger. Kelly also had bruising on his face.

Kelly was arrested and charged with assault and harassment as a result of the incident. Police say he could end up spending time behind bars, but it’s still too early to tell.

Kelly was released under his own recognizance and will appear in court December 23.

Despite the drama that unfolded today, the board says they did not let Kelly go because of it. Most people you talk to would say that is the biggest lie of the year, but that’s the story the club is sticking to.

It has not been a good day in Bomberland from the beginning, as reports of the club’s president and CEO Lyle Bauer resigning started the day, before he made it official at an afternoon press conference Thursday, via speakerphone, that he would be stepping down.

The search is now on for a new head coach and president. Jim Bell, V.P. finance & administration, has assumed the temporary role to fill Bauer’s shoes.

The board will meet again on Saturday to further discuss their plans moving forward.

Watch Mike Kelly’s Greatest Hits:

Handout photo added 12/18/09 (Montgomery County Office of the District Attorney)
Video courtesy of the Winnipeg Free Press

Kelly vs. Bale — Who Throws a Better Fit?

Both of these men are known for blowing a gasket, but when pinned against each other, who wins the tirade? Winnipeg Blue Bomber head coach Mike Kelly (remember Sunday?) or actor Christian Bale?

The guys at Power 97 put together this funny piece of video.


[flv:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pobJJ7ksIpU https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/mike-kelly-winnipeg-blue-bombers.jpg 425 300]

Mike Kelly Explodes on CJOB (AUDIO)

Mike Kelly Explodes on CJOB (AUDIO)

Global TV - Mike Kelly - Derick Armstrong - July 4 2009

Blue Bomber head coach Mike Kelly was none too pleased with the comments made on CJOB’s post-game show Sunday afternoon after the team’s 48-13 loss to Montreal.

Speaking with Bob Irving, Kelly said it was “media bulls**t” to suggest that the team wasn’t focused during the game. He then abruptly ended the interview and handed the phone to the team’s media relations and communications coordinator Darren Cameron.



UPDATE: Mike Kelly has been fined $2,000 by the CFL for his outburst.

Audio via CJOB/Corus Entertainment

Mike Kelly — Fast Food Indulgence is Bliss

Mike Kelly — Fast Food Indulgence is Bliss

Coach Mike Kelly - June 17 2009Mike Kelly isn’t the most popular man in Winnipeg right now, with thousands of football fans calling for him to be fired. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach told The Canadian Press on Wednesday that he spends most of his time in either his office, or condo.

“All the cash that I’ve gotten lately has been through drive-thru ATMs and most of the food that I’ve eaten has been handed to me through my car window,” Kelly said. Besides a losing team, it sounds like the coach’s diet is taking a beating too with fast food. Someone should bring him a fruit basket. “Not that I’m avoiding anything, but it’s just better for everybody else to enjoy their dinner without me walking in,” the rookie coach added. Not avoiding anything? With fans on the Internet vowing to “knee him in the face,” who wouldn’t want to stay home?

To add to the issue even more, the “Fire Mike Kelly” Facebook group is apparently trying to organize some sort of rally/protest for 8 a.m. Friday (tomorrow) morning at Portage and Main. The organizer said he wanted to stop traffic to send a message, but removed the thread discussing his plans a few hours after they were posted. No word on if the demonstration is still going ahead or not.

Another Facebook group has recently been started called, “Give Mike Kelly Some More Time.”

— With files from The Canadian Press

Football Coaches Handle Things ‘Internally’ Universally

Is there an official guide of terminology that football coaches refer to before speaking to the media? It seems like there is.

Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable denied reports that he punched the team’s assistant coach by saying it was an “internal issue.”

Perhaps Cable is taking some talking points from Blue Bombers coach Mike Kelly on this one.


[flv:https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Global-News-Handled-Internally-August-19-2009.flv https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/global-news-handled-internally-august-19-2009.gif 425 300]

For the full Mike Kelly video from July, click here.

Video credit: Global TV