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Live Peregrine Falcon Cams Launch Today

A screen grab from a previous year's falcon cam at the Radisson Hotel.

The popular falcon cam atop the Radisson Hotel will go live today, live streaming a family of nesting peregrine falcons.

The CBC Manitoba-led initiative is launching earlier than usual this year due to a mild spring, which has allowed for the falcons to return sooner than in previous years. There are already four eggs in the nest.

“Over the years, nature lovers and classrooms from Manitoba and around the world have watched the falcons hatch and witnessed their growth being nurtured until their eventual flight away from the nest,” said John Bertrand, managing director for English radio and TV at CBC Manitoba.

A pair of endangered peregrine falcons have nested on the Radisson since 1989. CBC and the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project launched the web cam in 2006, adding an additional camera in 2011 in Brandon to follow a second pair of birds in Westman.

“We are excited to continue to lend eyes and ears, quite literally to this project, resulting in over 4.4 million page views since its inception,” Bertrand added.

The falcon cams will be online until mid-July.


Falcons Return to Internet Spotlight with Four Babies

The popular peregrine falcons that Winnipeggers are used to seeing every season have returned.

Princess and Ivy have taken to their familiar nesting grounds on the roof of the Radisson hotel. The last of their four babies were hatched Thursday — much to the delight of those watching the live stream inside their custom wooden box.

Manitoba’s Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project is monitoring the falcons and say they’re all in good health.

Videos of feedings will be posted on YouTube for those who miss them live.

Peregrine Falcon Cam Goes Live on Wednesday

The peregrine falcons living on a ledge at Winnipeg’s Radisson Hotel have received an upgrade this season.

The falcons will now have the luxury of being under a half-covered nest box with a built-in webcam. Last year, people from around the world logged on to see the birds in their 30-storey habitat on Portage Avenue. Over one million views were accumulated in just the first month.

A joint partnership between the CBC and Shaw has provided the live stream for several years, including a view into the tragic outcome in June 2008, when several of the baby chicks drowned during a torrential downpour.

The falcon cam will go live again this year on Wednesday morning — just in time as the chicks are expected to hatch between May 17 and 21.

For more information on the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project and to view the live feed, visit www.species-at-risk.mb.ca/pefa.

Falcons Leave an Empty Nest

By Sarah Klein

Falcon Cam - June 4 2009The three peregrine falcon chicks who have been nesting on a ledge at the Radisson Hotel are now soaring the skies above Winnipeg.

The first chick took flight early Saturday, followed by the second, with the third leaving the nest on Tuesday afternoon.

A web cam of the falcons has been up for several months now and has garnished views from all over the world. Nearly 2 million page views of the Falcon Cam have been delivered to CBC’s website since the camera went live on May 18.

You can help name the chicks until midnight tonight by casting your vote.

Peregrine Falcon Chicks Need Names — Vote Until July 8

Peregrine Falcon Chicks Need Names — Vote Until July 8

Falcon Cam - June 4 2009CBC Manitoba has opened up voting to help choose names for the peregrine falcon chicks in downtown Winnipeg.

Both male chicks and a female need names. Some of the possibilities for the males include Boxer, Neo, Cam, Shaw, Ty and Tupper, and Vesper, Una and Addy for the female.

Voting runs until Wednesday, July 8 at midnight.

To vote for your favourite, visit the Falcon Cam website.

Falcon Cam Passes 1 Million Hits

Falcon Cam - June 4 2009The Falcon Cam located on the Radisson Hotel in downtown Winnipeg has surpassed a million page views on the CBC website.

Princess and Trey, a pair of peregrine falcons, have been nesting on a ledge of the hotel for the last few years. Viewers have been tuning in to watch their daily activities, as well as to get a glimpse of their babies — whom by the way will be banded later this morning, weather permitting.

The live feed originally launched on May 18 and receives an average of 50,000 page views per weekday. Almost as many as ChrisD.ca gets — just kidding.

Dinner Time for Peregrine Chicks

Last night at around 6:30 p.m. I happened to be watching the Falcon Cam in downtown Winnipeg when I noticed the mother Peregrine fly away for a couple minutes. Upon her return she had a bird in her mouth, which she then proceeded to rip apart for her babies to eat. That’s when I started recording the action.

Watch (no sound):

[flv:https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/falcon-cam-june-4-2009.m4v https://www.chrisd.ca/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/falcon-cam-june-4-2009.jpg 425 300]

Peregrine Falcons Return to Spot Where Babies Drowned

By Sarah Klein


Two peregrine falcons that nest each year on a ledge at Winnipeg’s downtown Radisson Hotel have returned. Princess and Trey nested on the ledge last year, but unfortunately their three little chicks drowned in a heavy rainfall last June. (see video of the dramatic rescue)

Three more chicks have hatched this year, and so far are said to be safe — until it rains.

CBC Manitoba, in partnership with Shaw, have put up a live webcam of the nest, which sits 13 storeys above Portage Avenue.

Viewers can watch the action 24/7 by clicking here.

Image credit: CBC.ca