Smoking Articles

Pilot Project to Rid Cigarette Butts from Downtown Streets

Been there, done that. But is there a bin there? That's the question the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and Take Pride Winnipeg want citizens to ask in helping make cigarette butts disappear from the downtown. The new "Bin here?" pilot project includes four bright pink deckled...

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Survey Finds Manitobans Want More Smoke-Free Spaces

Findings in a new survey reveal most Manitobans don't want to be bothered by cigarette smoke while enjoying outdoor patios and other public places. The Manitoba Tobacco Reduction Alliance (MANTRA) came out with the survey, which found two in three people (67%) support...

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Fewer Winnipeggers Lighting Up: Peg Report

By Sarah Klein A new report shows fewer Winnipeggers are smoking these days. The Peg says 13% fewer citizens smoke now than 10 years ago, with 19.4% of people in the city self-identifying as smokers in 2012, compared to 22.4% in 2003. The report also notes...

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