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On7 Freebies for Inaugural Issue

On7 Freebies for Inaugural Issue

Winnipeg Free Press On7The new tabloid version of Sunday’s Winnipeg Free Press — known as “On7” — is not a free paper. That’s why staffers were scratching their heads when we informed them that it was being given away for nothing in some locations throughout the city. But they were just out of the loop.

A reader told us that the Uptown Magazine box on Sherbrook Street was packed with copies for people to come and take on Sunday.

Publisher Bob Cox said this was done deliberately. “We distributed a number of On7 papers for free as part of promotional efforts for the first edition. So some were available in boxes for free. This is a paid newspaper, so most copies were sold through retail outlets and newspaper boxes,” Cox wrote in an e-mail.

Unlike the Winnipeg Sun, which is free at a number of boxes throughout the city on a daily basis, the Free Press is still charging for their copy. It was only a one day deal for all you cheapos out there.

About 40,000 copies of the first On7 were printed.

CBC Puts Free Press into Group with Debt-Ridden Canwest

CBC Puts Free Press into Group with Debt-Ridden Canwest

It didn’t stay up for long, but Thursday afternoon a story running on the CBC News website had the Winnipeg Free Press included in a list of Canwest-owned newspapers.

The article also mentioned something called the Edmonton Free Press, which no one seems to have heard of before. The story in question was about The National Post possibly shutting down today without a new ownership structure.

Eventually they fixed the mistake and all was well again in the world.

Silly CBC …

CBC News Error - Winnipeg Free Press

This Paper is Now a Collector’s Issue

This Paper is Now a Collector’s Issue

Winnipeg Free Press - Last Sunday Edition - October 25, 2009

Sunday was the last day the Winnipeg Free Press printed a full Sunday edition since 1985. Beginning this weekend, “On7” (appropriately titled) will be in its place on newsstands. Home subscribers won’t get the new paper delivered, and will have to schlep out to the store to buy it.

As publisher Bob Cox told ChrisD.ca, rates will not decrease for subscribers. The main reason being the super sized Saturday paper (Weekend Edition) will probably weigh somewhere in the area of 5 lbs.

ChrisD.ca photo

Free Press Introducing “On7” Sunday Edition

Winnipeg Free Press

After speculation that the Sunday edition of the Winnipeg Free Press would be altered, the paper has confirmed the change.

The new tabloid version will be called “On7,” and will carry breaking news, sport and entertainment stories, according to the paper’s website.

Home subscribers will not get the new edition, but it will be available in vending boxes for $1 or on newsstands and retail outlets for $1.25.

Popular Sunday sections, such as Homes, Books and Perspective will be included in Saturday’s paper, called “Free Press Weekend Edition.”

Publisher Bob Cox said the move is to combat falling revenues.

“On7” will debut November 1.

Opinion on the change will definitely be mixed. As one humourous reader posted on the Freep’s website, “How long has George Costanza been in charge of your Marketing department?”

Additional details can be found in the official press release issued earlier today.

UPDATE: ChrisD.ca reached out to Bob Cox regarding a possible decrease in home subscriber fees. Here’s what he said:

Rates for weekend subscribers will change as the weekend edition will have more in it and will be more expensive. Daily subscribers will have no price increase this year and will have rates frozen for at least a year. There will not be a daily subscriber decrease; this is a way of avoiding a price increase.
The Winnipeg Free Press is a great value. It costs less than a dollar a day to get it delivered to your door. What else can you get delivered to your door daily for less than a dollar?

Free Press Looking to Minimize Sunday Paper

By David Klassen

Winnipeg Free Press BuildingYour Saturday edition of the Winnipeg Free Press could become a bit thicker soon, if a plan to minimize the Sunday paper moves ahead.

On its website, the Free Press says it’s considering a “super” weekend edition, which would put out a Sunday tab version for the street — excluding home subscribers.

Publisher Bob Cox says the paper is “not running for cover” or “withdrawing from the marketplace.”

The decision has not been finalized yet, but other reports suggest the new Sunday format could roll out as early as November 1.

Freep Staffers Deliver a Win in Charity Rock-a-thon

Freep Staffers Deliver a Win in Charity Rock-a-thon

Wannabe musicians from all walks of life came out to Polo Park Shopping Centre on Saturday in support of a good cause.

Winnipeg Free Press Rockers

The Winnipeg Free Press provided us with the photo above of music writer Rob Williams (from left), deputy editor online John White and online content manager Wendy Sawatzky. All three tuned into their inner rockstar to defeat CURVE 94.3 and the Winnipeg Sun in a Guitar Hero/Rock Band challenge in the second annual Heroes Rock for the Missing competition.

The event continues today and all proceeds raised go to support Child Find Manitoba.

From the look of things, John toned down the wardrobe compared to last year.

View our own photos from the event below.

ChrisD.ca photos/Marc Evans

Stop! Hammertime Hits Winnipeg

MC Hammer lit up Blush Ultraclub on Friday night with a concert featuring his spectacular dancers from his popular A&E reality TV show.

Before he hit the stage, Hammer took time to speak with Ace Burpee and Chrissy Troy from Hot 103. Among the topics they discussed… Twitter.


The iconic rapper arrived in Winnipeg yesterday afternoon and was met by enthused fans at the airport. Those fans tell ChrisD.ca that MC Hammer was very gracious — taking time to say ‘hi’ and pose for photos. Good guy.

Video credit: WinnipegFreePress.com

Free For All at the Free Press

Free For All at the Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press - Free For AllThe Winnipeg Free Press added a new feature to its website late Thursday, which they call a “Free For All.” Users can post and share videos, links and other content they feel is worthy of being viewed by the Freep nation. But don’t get carried away too quickly — as with the other areas of the site where users generate content, it’s subject to moderator approval.

The page also includes non-stop, real-time coverage of some of the best Twitter feeds around, including yours truly from @ChrisDca

“I was lamenting the fact that I don’t have time to do the Daily Dig blog anymore, but I still wanted to provide the service, said John White, Deputy Editor Online. “With Cover It Live, I can post a quick video or link in a few minutes. And, because we can embed Twitter feeds, people can see at a glance new updates without refreshing the page.”

The Free Press writers will also be invited to contribute videos and links, as well as the general public.

Free Press Reporter Banished from CFS Custody Trial

Manitoba Law CourtsWinnipeg Free Press crime reporter Mike McIntyre has been removed from covering the high-profile CFS custody case going on currently in our city. Queen’s Bench Justice Marianne Rivoalen said on Thursday that McIntyre violated the publication ban when he published the name of a psychologist who performed a parental assessment. Although, the lawyer for the paper makes note that the doctor which they named had no connection to the family, and was a “professional” witness. “I’ve always been so careful with courts orders, bans, etc, in 14 years of covering crime and justice,” McIntyre said on Twitter.

Another reporter for the Free Press will be taking McIntyre’s place for the duration of the trial.

CJOB was also reprimanded for making the same mistake, but were not banished from covering the trial.

The judge also ordered both media outlets to write letters of apology to all parties involved in the case.

Earlier this month, Global National was on the hot seat when it violated the publication ban by identifying parties involved in the case. A fine of $50,000 for that error could still be handed out.

Doug Speirs Launches Comedic Book

Doug Speirs - Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press humour columnist Doug Speirs is taking his comedic musings from the pages of the paper to a book. A 165-page collection of his wildly popular “In The Doug House” columns will be officially unveiled tonight at McNally Robinson, Grant Park beginning at 8 p.m.

If you are looking for thoughtful and well-written stories about important topics of the day, steer clear of this book. If you want to read about burping cows, three-legged dogs, ants the size of canned hams, the wrong way to milk a cow and pigs that glow in the dark, you are in luck.

“Bite-Sized Doug” will also be available at Indigo Books, Chapters, Coles, the Winnipeg Humane Society and select Hallmark Stores.

Image credit: WinnipegFreePress.com