News Ethics, Standards and Corrections Policy aims to provide our audience with accurate, informative news reports that broaden their understanding of issues of public interest, both within southern Manitoba and beyond.

Ethics is free of political and commercial influence and is committed to reporting on issues in the public interest in a fair, accurate and transparent manner. adheres to the Code of Journalistic Ethics set forth by the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) which emphasizes accuracy, fairness, independence, integrity and respect.

As a publisher of third-party opinion pieces, will clearly label such pieces “Opinion” and ensure they do not misrepresent any other points of view. Pieces marked “Sponsored” are labeled as such when part of an advertorial.

Corrections strives to avoid errors both on-air and online, but when significant factual errors do occur, we are committed to correcting them in a transparent, fair and prompt manner.

Corrections will either be read on-air or clearly noted in an online story, explaining what the error was and how it has been corrected.

In cases where a news story has evolved over time, the information presented in a particular story may still be considered accurate at the time of its publication and may warrant an update or clarification.

In regards to requests to remove online stories by those who are linked to or affected by them, generally does not agree to remove published material as it is a matter of public record and doing so could undermine public trust. In most cases, inaccuracies can be corrected or a story can be updated to address such requests. We will consider requests for story deletion in exceptional cases where there may be legal or personal safety ramifications to the person involved.

To report typos, grammatical, or factual errors, please contact us.