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New Breast Cancer Diagnostic Machine to Speed Up Treatment

March 5, 2013 1:45 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Health Minister Theresa Oswald

Health Minister Theresa Oswald (CHRISD.CA FILE)

To help speed up breast cancer testing and treatment in the province, the Manitoba government has purchased an advanced diagnostic machine.

Health Minister Theresa Oswald said Tuesday that the Diagnostic Services of Manitoba laboratory in St. Boniface General Hospital has recently installed the new machine to speed up treatment for more aggressive forms of breast cancer.

“By bringing these advanced tools home to Manitoba, we can shorten the time spent waiting for diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer by weeks,” Oswald said. “Instead of spending this time wondering about test results, Manitobans with breast cancer will be able to move forward with treatment options with the advice of their health-care providers.”

More than 6,100 Manitobans are diagnosed with cancer each year, while up to 10 times that number are suspected of having cancer and undergo testing before it is ruled out.