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Winnipeg Student Covers ‘Little Drummer Boy’ in YouTube Hit

December 2, 2011 8:28 AM | News

A 16-year-old Charleswood musician is quickly becoming a hit on YouTube after performing a cover of the song Little Drummer Boy.


YouTube video

Sean Quigley composed, shot and produced the video, which is quickly gaining hits online since being uploaded on Thursday.

The video features Quigley performing the song in various locations throughout Winnipeg, and even includes appearances by family members and friends, who hold up signs saying “Merry Christmas” in various languages.

The Oak Park High School student has received positive feedback from his peers on the video, which virally spread through the school yesterday.

On his YouTube page, one viewer asked, “When can I get this [song] on iTunes?”

By Friday morning, the video already had more than 3,000 views and counting.

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