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Amphibex Ice-Breaker Put to Work on the Red River

February 22, 2012 7:00 AM | News

Darrell Kupchik, director of operations and waterway maintenance, Steve Topping, executive director of Manitoba Water Stewardship, Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson and RM of St. Andrews Reeve Don Forfar in Breezy Point on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 for the beginning of ice-breaking operations with the Amphibex on the Red River. (SHANE GIBSON / METRO WINNIPEG)

Officials with Manitoba Water Stewardship showed off the muscle of one of the province’s Amphibex ice-breakers on Tuesday.

During a photo-op in Breezy Point, one of four Amphibexes began the process of breaking up ice on the Red River to alleviate the risk of ice jams forming this spring.

The Amphibex was also kept busy on Monday, where it worked to break up ice near Netley Creek.

People are being asked to stay away from the machinery while it’s operational. Removal notices pertaining to ice fishers may also be posted near areas where crews are working.

The province unveiled their fourth Amphibex ice-breaker on February 10.