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Tanning Salons to Post Signs Warning of Cancer Risks

May 24, 2012 11:35 AM | News

New rules for tanning salons will require operators to post signs warning about their health risks. (PAIGE CALAMARI PHOTO)

Manitoba tanning salons will need to make the risks of their services known to clients as of June 15.

New rules introduced by the province will require tanning salons to post warning signs about the risks of skin cancer and requiring parental consent for young users.

“These new regulations will ensure prospective clients understand the risks of indoor tanning to make informed decisions before using these services,” said Health Minister Theresa Oswald. “Under these new rules, parental consent will now be required for Manitobans under the age of 18, which will help to reduce the risk of skin cancer associated with indoor tanning as part of our plan to encourage Manitobans to live healthier lifestyles.”

The World Health Organization has classified the UV rays from tanning beds, booths and lamps as a known cause of skin cancer.

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