Manitobans Still Talking and Texting Behind the Wheel: CAA Survey

According to a new survey, despite two years of banning the practice, texting and talking while driving is still prevalent on Winnipeg streets.

A new survey by CAA Manitoba shows that 99.7 per cent of people still catch others texting or talking on their cell phones, while 61.5 per cent of respondents said they see it on a daily basis.

“CAA Members identify distracted driving as the number one road safety concern,” said Liz Peters, Public and Government Affairs Manager for CAA Manitoba in a press release. “But even though two full years have passed since the law came into effect, they say that motorist habits haven’t changed much.”

Also, 82.6 per cent of people said it’s unlikely people texting or talking on the phone will be caught by police. That’s up 15 per cent from 2011.

“Compared to an infraction like drinking and driving – where most motorists view it is completely unacceptable – texting and driving isn’t at the same level of social unacceptability – yet,” said Peters.

— Staff


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