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Harvard Makes Donation to Hospital’s Buhler Gallery

January 8, 2016 12:53 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

The Buhler Gallery


The St. Boniface Hospital has received a donation to fund an inaugural program to showcase works from the Buhler Gallery in all 14 units of the hospital.

Former Manitoba lieutenant governor John Harvard made the donation, making it possible for 20 to 30 art pieces to be photographed, framed and reproduced. The artwork will be installed in family rooms throughout the hospital, celebrating the work of Manitoba artists.

Harvard said the donation came from his appreciation for the care he received at the hospital in 2015 while ill. He found the Buhler Gallery to be out of reach to him and wanted to bring its visual works closer to those receiving care.

“Without the arts our community would not flourish the way it does. It is with great pride on my part that this is recognized,” Harvard said.

Donations to the Buhler Gallery can be made through the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.