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Time to Plug In: Deep Freeze Sparks Warning to Drivers

January 8, 2016 8:56 AM | News

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Colder temperatures this weekend has CAA Manitoba warning drivers to plug in. (SHUTTERSTOCK)

Prepare to bundle up, Manitoba.

Temperatures will dip significantly this weekend, prompting a warning from CAA Manitoba to plug your vehicle in if you don’t want to rely on their services to get you going.

“Very cold temperatures like we’re shivering through today have a major impact on your car. We start to see problems pop up when the temperature continues for three or more days” said CAA spokeswoman Liz Kulyk.

“Thankfully, you can prevent many problems if you simply plug your car in.”

Kulyk says when temperatures dip below -18°C, it takes more than 40 per cent of your battery’s charge to start your engine.

CAA suggests checking your block heater and inspecting all cords, plugging your vehicle in at least three hours before you plan on driving it, and make sure all fluids are topped up.

And carrying an emergency roadside kit and cell phone with you also couldn’t hurt.

Saturday’s high in Winnipeg will only be -24°C, dropping to 27°C overnight into Sunday.