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Adrenaline Adventures Customers Left in the Cold, But Local Company Stepping Up

Adrenaline Adventures Customers Left in the Cold, But Local Company Stepping Up

Jason Rohs - Adrenaline Adventures
Adrenaline Adventures owner Jason Rohs speaks with ChrisD.ca during an interview in 2011. (CHRISD.CA FILE)
Sky Zone

Disgruntled former customers of Adrenaline Adventures are venting their frustration on social media after the outdoor adventure park in Headingley abruptly closed last week.

Citing creditor debt, the wakeboard and snow tubing facility ceased operations on December 15. Its assets are now being managed by Lazer Grant Inc.

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Foam Fest Obstacle Course a Muddy, Fun Challenge

By Tyler Sutherland

WINNIPEG — A foamy, muddy, and physically challenging five-kilometre endurance course will be awash in foam on Saturday.

The 5K Foam Fest is being held at Adrenaline Adventures, where participants will get to the finish line by either running, climbing, or sliding their way there.

There isn’t a time limit on the course and it’s not particularly a race, but more of a fun way to spend a balmy summer day.

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Adrenaline Adventures Hosting Wakeboarding Championship

Adrenaline Adventures Hosting Wakeboarding Championship

Adrenaline Adventures owner Jason Rohs stands next to a cable wakeboarding tower with the high-ropes course in the background. (CNW GROUP / ADRENALINE ADVENTURES)

Adrenaline Adventures on the outskirts of Winnipeg is hosting the Manitoba Provincial Cable Wakeboarding Championship next month.

The wakeboarding park will also welcome the LMFAO Party Rock Crew (not the duo itself) to spin tunes over the championship weekend on September 14-15.

Riders from across the province will show off their skills on the water, with the preliminary rounds on the evening of the 14th, and the final rounds on the afternoon of the 15th.

Tickets for the all-ages event will go on sale August 22 at AdrenalineMB.com.

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Little Snow Having Minimal Impact on Winter Activities

It’s nearly Christmas and Winnipeg has yet to receive a large accumulation of snow. Despite the warmer than normal temperatures and lack of the white stuff, Adrenaline Adventures was open for business over the weekend.


The popular winter sports park just on the outskirts of city limits has been making their own snow for the past three weeks, creating ideal conditions for their four-lane snow tubing hill just west of the Perimeter Highway.

“We’ve been working diligently on creating a good, solid base,” owner Jason Rohs said on Saturday. “We’re good to go.”

Rohs says the mild weather doesn’t impact conditions on the hill, rather making it more enjoyable for visitors to come out for the day.

“Now is the best time to come out and enjoy the activities, when you can literally do it in a sweater and a toque if you want.”

It’s the second season for Adrenaline Adventures, which doubles as a wakeboarding park in the summer. The privately-funded facility has also built a two-storey clubhouse on its site this season, featuring concessions, a restaurant, bar, pro shop and space to accommodate private bookings, such as birthday parties or other events. In the summer months, visitors will be able to enjoy an outdoor patio overlooking the park, which can handle up to 120 people.

While snow tubing is the only sport currently offered, snowboarding, xorbing, and ice skating are also on the way. The status of all activities will be updated on AdrenalineMB.com.

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Winter Snow Tubing Park, Springhill Open Today

By David Klassen

The groomed snow tubing hills at Adrenaline Adventures are ready for riders. (HANDOUT)

Adrenaline Adventures will open for winter activities today just in time for the holiday break.

The outdoor recreational facility — located south of Roblin Boulevard near the Perimeter Highway just north of Wilkes Avenue — offers snow tubing on its giant hill and a towrope to bring riders back up. The tubing lanes are freshly groomed and provide riders with a variety of speeds and bumps.

Those who want a little more adventure can try out a 10-foot wide inflated plastic ball called “Xorbing” while rolling down the hill. Snowboarding is also available, as well as ice skating on the park’s 10-acre wakeboarding lake by December 24.

The park will be open today and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. It will remain open December 23 to January 8 for the holiday break, and then seven days a week for the remainder of winter.

In related winter fun, Springhill Winter Sports Park also opens today.

“The lack of cold weather needed to make snow has delayed our opening this season. We have combated this by running more snow machines than in previous years,” said Joel Pajak, the park’s owner and general manager. “We’re really looking forward to getting this season underway and we have some new surprises in store for this season.”

The park is located just off Highway 59 and has been making snow for more than three weeks.

Wakeboarding Park Hosts International Competition

Owner Jason Rohs stands next to a cable wakeboarding tower with the high-ropes course in the background. (CNW GROUP / ADRENALINE ADVENTURES)

Adrenaline Adventures will host its first major event this weekend since opening up its wakeboarding park on July 1.

Until Sunday, the park will host the International Cable Wakeboarding Competition, featuring Monster Energy Triple Crown, WWA Wake Park World Series and Canadian Wake Park Nationals.

Competitors will be riding Canada’s first-ever full cable system. The competitions will take place daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. with activities available to the public, including wakeboarding and a high-ropes course.

Swollen Members will perform nightly for those in attendance.

The facility located in Headingley, just west of the Perimeter Highway, has been a hit for several months. In the winter, the park created a large snow tubing hill.

Adrenaline Adventures Wakeboarding Park to Open July 1

Owner Jason Rohs stands next to a cable wakeboarding tower with the high-ropes course in the background. (CNW GROUP / ADRENALINE ADVENTURES)

A wakeboarding facility that’s been in the works since last year will finally open in time for Canada Day.

Adrenaline Adventures just outside the Perimeter will include a five-storey tall ropes course with ziplines, a beach with volleyball courts, and a licensed clubhouse with waterside restaurant.

During the winter months, the park has been used as a snow tubing hill, pulling riders up the slippery slope after completing their run down the groomed lanes.

Owner Jason Rohs privately funded the $5 million facility on his own.

Cable wakeboarding facilities will be open to the public beginning on July 1, and the high-ropes course beginning June 25.

The public will have access to two wakeboard lakes, which includes a smaller lake for beginners, and a 10-acre lake with the largest cable system in Canada. Up to nine wakeboarders can ride the systems simultaneously. The site has been designated as Canada’s official training facility.

Adrenaline Adventures will also host their first major event just days after opening. From July 8-10, the Monster Energy Triple Crown and the WWA Wake Park World Series will be held at the park, as well as the first ever Canadian Wake Park Nationals, attracting 50 of the world’s top wakeboarders.

The weekend will include the band Swollen Members and be televised on CBS Sports.

Adrenaline Adventures Tubing Park Opening December 26

The groomed snow tubing hills at Adrenaline Adventures are ready for riders. An official grand opening will take place December 26 at 10 a.m. (FACEBOOK)

Phase one of the multi-million dollar snow tubing hill just west of the Perimeter Highway will open on December 26 at 10 a.m.

Adrenaline Adventures announced a $5 million plan in late November to build a wakeboarding park and winter recreation area in Headingley.

The 40-metre snow tubing berm is ready to go, according to the owner.

“We were able to set-up and groom eight tubing lanes and the ride down is phenomenal,” said Jason Rohs.

Each lane is groomed and will take a rider down a 120-metre speed adventure. A fully functional tow rope is active to take the rider back up the hill in a very short period of time.

The hill also includes a 1,600-square-foot clubhouse for riders and spectators to keep warm, and will serve hot food and beverages.

Although the hill won’t officially open until Boxing Day, a special open house will be held for the public tonight from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

New $5M Wakeboarding Park, Snow Tubing Hill Planned

An overview of the plans for the future Adrenaline Adventures wakeboarding park and snow tubing hill located just west of Winnipeg in the RM of Headingley. Click for a larger view. (HANDOUT)

A brand new year-round recreational facility is being built just outside Winnipeg and will include a wakeboarding park and snow tubing hill.

Adrenaline Adventures has already broken ground on its $5 million project, which is being completely funded by the private sector.

Earth moving machines are in the midst of digging out two man made lakes — a 10 acre main lake, and a 3 acre training lake. The main lake with accommodate eight to 10 riders at one time and feature numerous jumps and stunt blocks. It will also have a 200,000 square foot beach on the south end of the lake.

“We are ecstatic that construction is underway and on schedule” said owner Jason Rohs. “It’s going to provide great entertainment for many people in the city and the province.”

The park isn’t even up and running yet, but there is already talk about hosting the World Wakeboarding Championships in July, 2011. “I have been approached by the organizers of the event,” Rohs said. “It would certainly be a great opportunity to showcase our park on the world stage and provide some great economic benefits to the community.”

Also underway is a 40-foot high snow tubing hill featuring six high speed runs. The developer says the hill plans to be open by December 23, 2010.

Other attractions to be added to the park include a massive outdoor ropes course that will feature two towers connected with a two-storey skywalk challenge course. The design also offers climbing walls with over 1,500 square feet of climbing surface and three zip lines. Construction of a world class outdoor waterslide park will also begin in the summer of 2011 to be ready by spring of 2012. Future plans are to enclose the waterpark to create an indoor facility.

Construction on the park located just outside the West Perimeter Highway in the RM of Headingley is expected to be completed in May 2011.