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Hank FM Boots Receptionist, Format Change on the Way?

November 23, 2009 7:54 AM | News

Hank FM

On Friday, 100.7 Hank FM terminated their midday host Carie Jones. Now we’re learning they also cut ties with their receptionist.

Is anybody still employed over there? Hopefully this will be the last round of layoffs for a while. People gotta work!

The receptionist handled duties for both Hank FM and their sister station CKJS 810 AM.

Besides the personnel changes, rumours have been circulating that Hank will switch formats soon. NewCap Radio operates several stations under the ‘Capital FM’ brand, and 100.7 could be next.

The date December 26 could also have some significance. On December 26, 2006, Cafe 100 took to the air on the 100.7 frequency, then on the same date in 2007 is when Hank FM debuted.

Could December 26, 2009 be when Capital FM hits the airwaves? The only thing that may block a potential switch is if NewCap can’t get the category 3 classification lifted under CRTC guidelines. Category 3 states that a station must play traditional and special interest music to Canadian Selections, such as concert, folk and folk-oriented, etc. If the category restriction isn’t lifted, it could cramp the station’s style to bring in a new sound and ultimately leave it at the bottom of the ratings barrel.

We put in a request for comment with the station’s GM this morning.


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