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CBC’s Nahlah Ayed Shares Compelling Journey in New Book

April 18, 2012 8:55 AM | Entertainment

Nahlah Ayed

A Winnipeg-born CBC correspondent is about to share her personal stories from covering a region of the world she shares a close connection with.

Nahlah Ayed is the author of “A Thousand Farewells: A Reporter’s Journey from Refugee Camp to the Arab Spring,” a book that chronicles her time in a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan, to sharing the stories of those in her own region. Ayed describes with sympathy and insight the myriad ways in which the Arab people have fought against oppression and loss as seen from her own early days witnessing protests in Amman, and the wars, crackdowns, and uprisings she has reported on in countries across the region.

Ayed and her family gave up their comfortable life in Winnipeg in 1976 to return to Jordan, later returning home when she was 13.

Ayed will launch her book at McNally Robinson Booksellers at Grant Park on Monday, April 23 beginning at 7 p.m.

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