Tory Poll Says Manitoba Headed in Wrong Direction

Progressive Conservative Party leader Brian Pallister (CHRISD.CA FILE)
Progressive Conservative Party leader Brian Pallister (CHRISD.CA FILE)

The majority of Manitobans recently surveyed say the province is headed in the wrong direction under the Selinger government’s leadership.

Progressive Conservative Party leader Brian Pallister released poll results on Tuesday, showing a mere 11 percent of the 805 people recently surveyed feel Manitoba is on the right track.

“Manitobans are optimistic by nature, but are having trouble feeling good about the future,” Pallister said. “This poll confirms what we’ve been hearing from Manitobans through our consultations with them. Excessive taxation is to blame for low optimism.”

The Tories also recently released another poll, suggesting 77 percent of Manitobans oppose the PST hike on July 1 to 8 percent.

The polling was conducted by NRG Research. See complete results below.

Progressive Conservative Party Poll


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