Manitoba Jockey Club, Peguis First Nation Announce Plans for Assiniboia Downs

FNDevelopments-Release-Dec19Assiniboia Downs is poised for growth as the Manitoba Jockey Club and Peguis First Nation announced a partnership that would see the Downs become a destination.

“Our initial development plan will see hotels, convention and retail space on the land adjoined to the Downs,” said Peguis First Nation Chief Glenn Hudson.

The development partnership came about thanks to the Government of Canada settling the Peguis First Nation Treaty Land entitlement claim in 2009.

Peguis First Nation said the development will see $100 million in economic spin-offs for the province and the First Nation.

“The Jockey Club could not be happier with this outcome and what it means for Assiniboia Downs and Manitobans,” said Darren Dunn, Chief Executive Officer of the Manitoba Jockey Club.

More development details will be announced in 2014.

— Staff


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