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Radio Station Turns Up Heat on Frozen Pipes

March 23, 2014 11:14 AM | News

Frozen Pipe Thawing

City crews work to thaw a frozen pipe on Pritchard Avenue. (CHRISD.CA FILE)

A Winnipeg radio station is lending a hand to help citizens with frozen pipes to get their water flowing again.

92 CITI FM has partnered with Shields Plumbing and Heating to give hundreds of Winnipeggers the chance to jump the frozen pipe thawing queue.

“We know hundreds are without water…and just over 6,000 more homes are at risk, I mean c’mon… why can’t the city of Winnipeg move faster?,” asked morning show host Dave Wheeler.

Don Connors of Shields Plumbing and Heating says his company can’t touch pipes that are owned by the city, but if they’re on the homeowner’s property, they can work on them.

The station is accepting submissions through their website at 92CITIFM.ca.

For an update on the frozen pipe situation from the city, visit Winnipeg.ca.