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‘Wicked’ Promoters Warn of Shady Ticket-Sellers

June 5, 2014 9:06 AM | Entertainment


Wicked returns to the Centennial Concert Hall August 20-30. (JOAN MARCUS PHOTO)

Promoters of the musical Wicked are warning patrons to use only legitimate ticket outlets to purchase seats.

Due to the high demand of the show, which plays the Centennial Concert Hall August 20-30, some buyers are turning to third party ticket agencies or brokers. Tickets purchased through these sources are usually substantially more expensive than the original ticket price. Tickets also can’t be certified to be legitimate and may turn out to be fake.

Some brokers have launched websites that might include the theatre name and/or name of the show in order to confuse ticket buyers.

The only legitimate avenues for tickets is Ticketmaster and BroadwayAcrossCanada.ca/Winnipeg. Groups of 15 or more can purchase by calling 1-800-889-8457.

Prices start at $35 depending on performance, seat location, and date of purchase.