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Manitoba Gives Tips on Avoiding a Run-In with a Black Bear

July 30, 2015 11:31 AM | News

A black bear cub (ASSINIBOINE PARK ZOO)

A black bear cub (ASSINIBOINE PARK ZOO)

The province has tips for Manitobans so they don’t find themselves on the unfortunate end of an encounter with a black bear this long weekend.

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship says black bears are increasing their food intake to prepare for fall hibernation.

The province says bears may travel through populated areas in search of ripening fruit and acorns.

To reduce your risk of encountering a black bear, people are encouraged to:

• remove all ripened or fallen fruit in the morning and before dusk;
• remove all birdfeeders until November when bears have entered their dens;
• store garbage in a sealed, bear-resistant container or secure building until just prior to pickup;
• feed pets and store their food indoors;
• clean barbeques thoroughly after every use, including the grease trap; and
• compost food items indoors.

When in bear country:

• always assume bears are in the vicinity, even if no recent sightings or problems have been reported;
• never approach or feed a bear;
• carry bear spray and know how to use it;
• keep dogs on a leash and do not let them run toward a bear; and
• be aware of your surroundings, make noise, travel in groups and do not use earphones to listen to music when outdoors.