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Forks Canopy Skating Rink Open for the Season

December 21, 2015 9:51 AM | News

The Forks - Skating

Children skate under the canopy at The Forks in this file photo. (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA)

With some cooler temperatures finally sticking around recently, it’s perfect ice-making conditions for the canopy skating rink at The Forks.

The popular wintertime attraction is now open for the season as part of a portion of Arctic Glacier Winter Park.

“It’s time to strap on the skates now that we have our rink,” said Paul Jordan, chief executive officer, The Forks. “The Canopy Skating Rink is open with more to come in the weeks ahead.”

But while the on-land skating rink is open, the Red River Mutual Trail is far from being frozen enough to skate on. Many sections of open water are still present, where officials ask the public to stay away from the river’s edge.

Weather permitting, additional amenities of the Arctic Glacier Park include 1 km of skating trails, a toboggan hill, snowboard fun park, and the Snow Lounge — where skaters sit on a couch or chair made entirely of snow.

Skate rentals are available at Iceland Skate Rentals located in the tower atrium at The Forks Market. Rates are $3 for children and seniors and $5 for adults. Skate trainers are also available for $2.