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Lake Winnipeg Advocates Hope Political Parties Protect Watershed

March 22, 2016 9:05 AM | News

Lake Winnipeg

Beach and dock along shores of Lake Winnipeg (FILE)

Saving Lake Winnipeg is still an issue on the minds of many Manitobans, including the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

Before voters head to the polls on April 19, the CPAWS would like to see all political parties running in the provincial election develop concrete plans and timelines for the restoration of Lake Winnipeg.

“The boreal forest and its wetlands act as kidneys that greatly reduce the overdose of algae-causing nutrients damaging this beloved water body,” said Ron Thiessen, executive director of the Manitoba chapter of CPAWS.

“If we fail to secure the health of the boreal within the Lake Winnipeg watershed, we will fail at bringing the lake back to a state that Manitobans can be proud of.”

The call for a plan to save the lake comes on World Water Day, an international day to focus attention on the importance of freshwater and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

The CPAWS says approximately 75% of the water that enters the lake is initially filtered through the boreal forests and wetlands of Manitoba, so maintaining these ecosystems is key to meeting the provincial target of a 50% reduction in the phosphorous that plagues the lake.

“Ensuring the health of the boreal and restoring Lake Winnipeg should be gifts we give to ourselves and to future generations,” added Thiessen.