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Bowman Proposes Creation of Human Rights Committee

September 21, 2018 3:58 PM | News

Brian Bowman

Mayor Brian Bowman speaks during a recent campaign announcement in Winnipeg. (@MAYOR_BOWMAN / TWITTER)

WINNIPEG — Incumbent mayoral candidate Brian Bowman wants Winnipeg to be a city recognized as a leader for human rights.

During a campaign policy announcement Friday on the roof of the parkade The Forks, Bowman pledged to create a Human Rights Committee of Council to increasingly focus and prioritize the city’s work on human rights.

“While other candidates choose to degrade and divide our city in their bid to lead it, I’m committing to promote its potential to be an international leader for human rights,” Bowman said.


Bowman said the committee would consolidate the work currently undertaken by the Citizen Equity Committee, the Access Advisory Committee, and the Mayor’s Age-Friendly Seniors Advisory Committee into one committee focused on human rights, diversity, equity, peace, and inclusion.

Bowman also committed to creating a Newcomer Welcome and Inclusion Policy for the City of Winnipeg. The policy would enhance the lives of newcomers to the city by working toward barrier-free access to city services, and examining ways to enhance education and training on human rights and inclusion policies for city staff.

The municipal election is October 24.