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Slow It Down — Blood Donors Not in High Demand

Slow It Down — Blood Donors Not in High Demand

By Roger Currie

Blood Donation
(Blood donation image via Shutterstock)

WINNIPEG — The history of blood in Canada is quite fascinating, and in recent days it has taken a very interesting turn. For decades, this country was the envy of the world. The Red Cross was hugely respected, and they were responsible for collecting blood from an army of volunteer donors. It was safe and reliable, and there always seemed to be enough to supply our medical needs.

Then came the tainted blood scandal of the 1980s and 90s. Many hemophiliacs and others died or became horribly ill after receiving blood that came from very bad places, like prisons in Arkansas when Bill Clinton was the governor. The Red Cross got out of the blood business, and Canadian Blood Services was created.

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Greater Need for Blood Donations During the Summer

By Sarah Klein

Canadian Blood ServicesA drop in blood donations during the summer has Canadian Blood Services urging Canadians to roll up their sleeves.

“With the holiday falling mid-week this year, we’re seeing fewer appointments booked and a higher number of cancellations around Canada Day,” said Mark Donnison, vice-president of donor relations. “This is particularly challenging because many regular donors are planning to take an extra-long weekend.”

CBS says more fatalities occur on Canadian roads during the summer months, increasing the need for blood to help save the life of someone involved in a car crash.

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App Makes Donating Blood More Convenient

By Tyler Sutherland

Canadian Blood ServicesA new smartphone app allows blood donors to quickly and easily schedule a donation appointment and find the nearest location to do so.

The GiveBlood app (iTunes) is from Canadian Blood Services and is available now in the App Store and in Google Play.

“It takes many donors to save a life — as many as five donors to help just one person in cancer treatment,” said Mark Donnison, vice-president of donor relations. “The GiveBlood App makes it faster and easier for donors to rally around patients, especially during Blood Signal. We’re embracing new technology to make it more convenient for donors to connect with us.”

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Poor Weather Hampers Blood Donations

By Tyler Sutherland

Canadian Blood ServicesCanadian Blood Services is in need of 31,000 donations over the next three weeks to make up for cancelled clinics due to extreme weather in late December.

“It’s been a stormy start to 2014. While we’ve weathered the storm by leveraging our national reserves to ensure patient needs are met, we now need Canadians to help replenish national supplies by booking an appointment and giving blood in January,” said Mark Donnison, vice-president of donor relations.

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Blood Drive to Rally Donations at Red River College

Canadian Blood ServicesA blood donation drive in support of Canadian Blood Services will rally students and community members to roll up their sleeves on Friday at Red River College.

PR majors in the Creative Communications program are organizing the second annual Rally For Red Radiothon, with a goal of having 75 people donate blood that day. The number also marks the college’s 75th anniversary, which it’s celebrating this year.

The drive will run from 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. inside the Roblin Centre, 160 Princess Street.

The radiothon will also stream live on Red River Radio from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., featuring stories from people who have received blood, dedicated blood donors and first-time donors.

7,000 Blood Donations Needed in Manitoba

Canadian Blood ServicesCanadian Blood Services is renewing its call for blood donations between now and Labour Day in Manitoba.

CBS forecasts a need for 51,000 appointments across the country, including 7,000 in Manitoba. The slower summer months and constant hospital demand has also put a strain on the supply.

Blood Signal clinics will run the month of August in select locations and continue until September 3. The Blood Signal is a call to action for Canadians to rally together and book a blood donation when the need is greatest.

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Blood Donors Needed as Contributions Drop in Summer

By Tyler Sutherland

Canadian Blood ServicesThe summer months have slowed the flow of blood donations to a trickle across the country, and Canadian Blood Services has put out the call for help.

The organization says it needs 17,000 Canadians to book donor appointments over the next two weeks — 1,100 are needed in Manitoba.

“With summer activities and vacations we find that our booked appointments drop and looking out two weeks there’s not enough relief in sight,” said Colleen Hrabi, community development coordinator. “The reality is that the need for blood does not take a summer vacation and we need more Canadians to book an appointment now.

In addition to the Winnipeg blood donor clinic at 777 William Avenue, three special Blood Signal clinics in Winnipeg have been added to provide more opportunities for donors to give before the August long weekend.

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Blood Donor Week Going Social with ‘Blood Signal’

By Sarah Klein

Canadian Blood ServicesCanadian Blood Services is using social media to reach out to potential donors in its latest campaign.

It’s National Blood Donor Week and a “Blood Signal” is being used to solicit donations from worthy recipients.

“During National Blood Donor Week, make a plan to get behind the Blood Signal, because hospital patients in this community rely on your generosity,” said Patricia Bal, community development coordinator. “The Blood Signal is intended to connect people to the idea of giving blood, rallying people in their communities to come together and save lives.”

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