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Hugh McFadyen to Step Down as PC Leader

Progressive Conservative party leader Hugh McFadyen speaks to a throng of media on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. (SAMANTA KATZ / CHRISD.CA)
PC leader Hugh McFadyen delivers his concession speech on Tuesday night. (SAMANTA KATZ / CHRISD.CA)

After a crushing defeat in the 40th Manitoba election Tuesday, Progressive Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen announced he would step down as party leader.

Despite winning his own Fort Whyte seat, McFadyen addressed supporters during a brief speech at Canad Inns Polo Park to break the news.

“Under any other circumstance, I’d be happy with 46 percent of the vote,” McFadyen said.

McFadyen added he would stay on as party leader until a new leader can be elected.

The announcement came as a shock to many, but some political pundits were expecting it as early poll results began to flow in.

Premier Greg Selinger weighed in on McFadyen’s decision, saying, “I wish he would have taken more time to think about it.”


Voter Turnout Dismal in Provincial Election

NDP leader Greg Selinger, Progressive Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen and Liberal leader Jon Gerrard (TED GRANT / CHRISD.CA FILE)

You couldn’t blame not voting on the weather, but Manitobans just weren’t feeling election day Tuesday as only about 57 percent of eligible voters visited local polling stations.

The unimpressive turnout, which is almost the lowest in Manitoba history, was a surprise to many with advance voting numbers coming in stronger than in 2007.

Approximately 78,600 Manitobans cast their ballots during the eight days advance polls were open. That’s compared to 42,775 votes cast over seven days in the 2007 election.

Elections Manitoba contributes the increase to more voting booths placed in strategic locations, such as shopping centres, universities, and at Winnipeg’s James Richardson International Airport.

To see results from all 57 provincial ridings, visit ElectionsManitoba.ca.

Steeves Defeated by Oswald in Seine River Riding

Gord Steeves (CHRISD.CA FILE)

Progressive Conservative candidate and former city councillor Gord Steeves was defeated Tuesday night in the Seine River riding.

Steeves was up against incumbent NDP Health Minister Theresa Oswald, who was the popular choice among voters.

Steeves resigned from city council in early summer and gambled by seeking the PC nomination, and hopefully win a seat in the Manitoba legislature.

During his concession speech Tuesday night, Steeves wouldn’t say whether he would try to reclaim his St. Vital council seat in the upcoming by-election, but did hint at perhaps bowing out of politics altogether. He is expected to make an announcement on his future in the next two days.

Gerrard Committed Despite Weak Liberal Performance

Jon Gerrard (CHRISD.CA FILE)

Liberal leader Jon Gerrard spoke to supporters in his River Heights riding Tuesday, shortly after being re-elected to the Manitoba legislature.

Gerrard, who holds the only Liberal seat, thanked voters for supporting him to his fourth win.

“There is a very strong future for Liberals in Manitoba,” Gerrard said. “We demonstrated we have the platforms, the ideas, and we have a lot of young candidates who will be the future of the Manitoba Liberal party.”

Gerrard said he was committed to representing his constituents.

The party had hoped to send at least a couple candidates to the legislature, but it wasn’t in the cards for the party who seems to have trouble resonating with voters.

PC Leader Hugh McFadyen Re-Elected to Fort Whyte

Progressive Conservative party leader Hugh McFadyen arrives with his family to Canad Inns Polo Park on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. (SAMANTA KATZ / CHRISD.CA)
Supporters of the Progressive Conservative party applaud at the news leader Hugh McFadyen won his Fort Whyte riding on Tuesday. (SAMANTA KATZ / CHRISD.CA)

Progressive Conservative leader Hugh McFadyen has been re-elected to his home riding of Fort Whyte.

McFadyen won with a large margin over NDP candidate Sunny Dhaliwal and Liberal candidate Chae Tsai.

The PCs were hoping to form a majority in the Manitoba legislature, but will remain the opposition as the NDP returns to power.

McFadyen was feeling confident Tuesday morning as he cast his ballot at Robert H. Smith School.

A poll conducted by Probe Research and released last weekend had the PCs trailing by three percent behind the NDP.

McFadyen Team: Ballot Box Sealed Due to ‘Irregularities’

Progressive Conservative party campaign manager Marni Larkin speaks to CBC reporter Wab Kinew at party headquarters at Canad Inns Polo Park on Tuesday, October 4, 2011. (SAMANTA KATZ / CHRISD.CA)

Before polls closed on Tuesday in Manitoba’s 40th provincial election, at least one ballot box had to be sealed.

Progressive Conservative campaign manager Marni Larkin said there were “irregularities” with a ballot box in the Point Douglas riding. The PCs are running candidate John Vernaus in the area.

Larkin also said there were reports of “cheating” involved as well.

The spoiled ballots will not be counted tonight.

Larkin has plenty of experience running prior campaigns — she was Sam Katz’s campaign manager during his successful re-election win as Winnipeg’s mayor in the 2010 civic election.

Local Website Hopes to Bring Out the Youth Vote

By David Klassen

With just days to go until the provincial election, one of the issues is still involving youth in the democratic process.

Manitobans aged 18-35 have been the key demographic that contributes to low voter turnout. A Winnipeg-based website is hoping to change that statistic.

Get Out The Vote (GOTV) is a non-partisan volunteer group of youth who think that ‘politics as usual’ isn’t working for them and want the candidates to know that they are paying attention and want change.

“Our mission is bold,” said Sim Pannu, GOTV campaign director. “We want all of the apathetic youth in Manitoba — all the ones who think their vote doesn’t matter — the ones who think that their single vote won’t make a difference to make that change happen.”

The campaign’s website (GotVote.ca) includes quotes from youth on both sides of the voting fence. The site also allows the opportunity to have your say on the issues, party platforms and review articles related to the election.

Voters head to the polls on Tuesday.

Selinger: ‘Hydro Power is Manitoba’s Oil’

Greg Selinger (CHRISD.CA FILE)

NDP leader Greg Selinger spoke to a business crowd Thursday morning, where he outlined the importance Manitoba Hydro plays to the province’s economy.

“Hydro power is Manitoba’s oil,” Selinger told the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce. “The main economic question in this election is do we build Hydro or not? The differences between myself and Mr. McFadyen on this are clear as day.”

Selinger went on to outline Hydro’s contribution of $500 million to the economy each year through export sales, and noted it’s poised to invest as much as $15 billion in new dams and transmission lines.

Selinger again went on to criticize his main opponent, Progressive Conservative Party leader Hugh McFadyen, saying the PCs would be “reckless” with their plans for Bipole III, a controversial high-voltage Manitoba Hydro transmission line taking power to northern Manitoba via the west side of the province. McFadyen has continually said his government would reroute the line on the east side of Lake Winnipeg — making for a shorter, more cost-effective alternative.

“The Liberals want to put the Bipole under water,” Selinger added. “Different parties, different positions, but both would lead to the same sorry results: letting jobs and opportunities die on the vine.”

The Green Party has gone on record to say the project wouldn’t be necessary at all.