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One Surveillance Camera for Every 14 People

August 13, 2009 6:20 AM | News

By Tyler Sutherland

CCTV - Surveillance Cameras

Earlier this month we told you about Britain’s plans to place surveillance cameras in the homes of select residents. Now it’s been revealed that Britain has more CCTV cameras than communist China.

It’s true — there are 4.2 million closed circuit TV cameras, which works out to be one per every 14 people. Scary stuff. Compared to China — and taking their larger population into account — the equivalent is one camera per every 472,000 people.

Here are some other fun facts about Britain’s overaggressive stance when it comes to CCTV:

  • 20% of the world’s surveillance cameras are in Britain
  • Cameras capture the average Brit on tape about 300 times per day
  • The amount of snooping by Britain’s authorities on its own citizens has increased by 44% in the last two years

People were complaining when the Winnipeg police first announced placing cameras in select downtown areas. We don’t have it that bad. If you’re concerned about CCTV locally, it wouldn’t hurt to read the guidelines.