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Public Frenzy Over Google Street View in Winnipeg

December 3, 2009 6:20 AM | Columns

Google Street View Car Toronto

From the ChrisD.ca e-mail bag:

“Why are you promoting the invasion of privacy? You should be ashamed of your ways.” — It’s not an invasion of privacy.

“Can you find out how much the city spent on Google coming here and taking pictures?” — Spent $0

“I found my car on Street View and the plate isn’t blurred. What do I do?” — You can report it to Google.

“Did the city approve Google coming here? Did they pay them?” — No approval needed, and no.

“How do I find my house on Google?” — Do you know what your home address is?

Other than that, most people understand what Street View is. A colleague of mine made mention that this will be a great tool for not only reporters, but police officers too. Surely, real estate agents are having a field day with this relatively new technology also.

And to take another jab at Citytv this week … this is the most promotion they’ve received in years.

Image credit: Google