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Internet Helps Winnipeg Pet Adoptions Rise by 62%

February 18, 2010 10:38 AM | News

Golden retriever puppy sitting on bed, couple reading in background

The Internet has played a huge role in animals finding caring homes in the city of Winnipeg.

Animal Services officials say a 62% increase in adoptions has taken place over a one year period and it’s all thanks to the Web. The agency joined the website PetFinder.com a year ago, which showcases the animals up for adoption in photos and videos. A Facebook page was also set up, and now boasts about 1,300 users in just eight months.

“By accessing these online features, people from far and wide can see the dogs that are up for adoption, and they can do it without having to physically visit the facility.  Adoptions have been completed with families from as far as Dryden, Ontario and Rockford MN,” said COO Leland Gordon in a news release.

The increase in adoptions is great news, but the agency says they wish more dogs would be licensed, so that those who turn up at the facility can be reunited with their proper owners.

Dogs entering Animal Services without a license are subject to impound and boarding fees. The fine for not having a current license is $250. Dogs over six months of age are required by law to have a license in Winnipeg.

Click on the photos below for the stories on each animal shown. Only the first dog pictured is currently available for adoption, but Animal Services has many more that need loving homes.

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