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St. Eustache Woman Wins $1 Million in Lotto

February 6, 2013 1:00 PM | News

Dianna Boyer

St. Eustache resident Dianna Boyer with her $1 million cheque. (WCLC)

A St. Eustache woman is Manitoba’s newest millionaire after scratching her way to a cool $1 million prize.

Dianna Boyer picked up the $5 Scratch ‘N Win lottery game from Elie Grocery Store in Elie last Friday, but waited a day until seeing if it was a winner.

After scratching three identical “Set For Life” symbols on Saturday, Boyer had to do a double take to make sure the ticket hadn’t expired and that it was actually a winner.

Boyer chose a single $1 million payment over the option of receiving $1,000 a week for 25 years.

“We have some bills to pay, but we want to just take it all in — collect some interest while we collect our thoughts,” Boyer said.

“I’d love to take my husband on a train trip across the country. And we’d love to buy a small house, with a window in the kitchen. We love nature, and we’d love to watch all the birds and animals from the kitchen.”

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