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How Would You Describe Lake Winnipeg?

February 19, 2013 7:42 AM | News

Lake Winnipeg Word Cloud

Lake Winnipeg word cloud (HANDOUT)

Supporters of Lake Winnipeg want the public’s help in creating a word cloud to show what the lake means to Manitobans.

“The Global Nature Fund recently described Lake Winnipeg as the Threatened Lake of the Year in 2013,” said Vicki Burns, outreach coordinator with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. “But we know that Lake Winnipeg matters to Manitobans and we’re asking you to let us know why.”

Impressions of the lake will be posted on LakeWinnipegFoundation.org in a word cloud-type format for all to see.

To help out, send a text message to 39-39-39 with the keyword LAKE + your answer to the question: What three words best describe Lake Winnipeg to you?

“This lake belongs to all of us and it is in a downward spiral,” said Burns. “We are going to need all Manitobans on board to save it. To do this, we want to find out what the lake means to each of us.”