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Map Details Walking, Cycling Infrastructure in South Winnipeg

February 3, 2014 7:06 AM | News



A map detailing every piece of walking and cycling infrastructure in three south Winnipeg communities is now available.

The walking and cycling map for Fort Richmond, University Heights and the University of Manitoba is the result of a collaboration between the communities, Green Action Centre and multiple organizations to develop the pocket sized map.

The map highlights every single sidewalk, trail, cut through, crosswalk, bus and more. It details the various surface types of trails (asphalt, gravel, bark chip, grass, etc.), it contains the locations of the heated bus shelters, traffic lights, controlled crosswalks, various community amenities (libraries, swimming pools, post offices and medical clinics). It also includes community treasures such as popular fishing holes, climbing trees and a family of topiary elephants grazing alongside a back lane. The residents also worked with local historians and archivists to highlight important community history.

The map can be downloaded online (PDF) or found in paper form at more than 50 locations (PDF) in the community.