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Winnipeg Comedy Festival Will Have You Dying from Laughter

February 13, 2014 4:47 PM | Entertainment

Winnipeg Comedy FestivalThe Winnipeg Comedy Festival wants you to die laughing — at least metaphorically. Laugh Yourself to Death is the theme for this year’s festival, which will give audiences a lethal dose of comedy from April 7-13.

Now in its not-so-unlucky 13th year, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival has assembled a roster of comedians sure to tickle the funny bones of Winnipeggers.

Film and TV star Tom Green will perform at one of the galas on Saturday, April 12, showcasing the packed lineup of similarly singular talents, including festival regular Jon Steinberg.

“Match Game” host Darrin Rose is also scheduled to perform, as he turns Pantages Playhouse into his own personal man-cave, exploring macho attitudes and male ego at the “Bro Show.”

The festival is also presenting Daryn Jones, Tanyalee Davis, Sandra Shamas, Cris Nannarone, Derek Edwards, Elvira Kurt, Dave Hemstad and many others.

Tickets are available at WinnipegComedyFestival.com, through Ticketmaster or the Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Avenue.

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