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True North Takes Control of Burton Cummings Theatre

May 12, 2014 10:08 AM | Entertainment

Burton Cummings Theatre

Burton Cummings Theatre (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

The historic Burton Cummings Theatre has a new operator in True North Sports and Entertainment.

The 107-year-old theatre has been under the management of TNSE since April 15, and will benefit from the company’s programming and entertainment services.

“This is a very significant opportunity for us to expand our entertainment footprint in Winnipeg,” said Kevin Donnelly, senior VP and GM of MTS Centre in a statement. “The Burton Cummings Theatre is the windowpane to Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District. Along with our strategic partners, extensive promoter relationships and operating and service agreements, it is our intention to increase the quality of show traffic and the show experience for patrons while making basic strategic improvements to the facility.”

True North has also entered into an agreement with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries to share procurement, referral and event calendar management between the two organizations and their entertainment assets.

A newly-appointed board has also been formed with the Walker Theatre Performance Arts Group Inc. to help govern the transition of the 1,604-seat venue. The board members are as follows:

  • Jim Ludlow, Board Chair (President & CEO, True North)
  • Ginette Lavack Walters (CEO, Festival du Voyageur)
  • Carole Vivier (CEO, Manitoba Film & Music)
  • Wayne Jackson (former GM, Burton Cummings Theatre)
  • Kenny Boyce (Manager, Films & Special Events, City of Winnipeg)
  • Ross McGowan (CEO, CentreVenture)
  • Paul Jordan, (COO, Forks North Portage Partnership)
  • Wayne Perfumo (VP, Hospitality & Entertainment Services, MB Liquor & Lotteries)
  • David Sherman, Past Chair (Partner, POP Sports & Entertainment)
  • Kevin Donnelly, Treasurer (Senior VP, Venue & Entertainment, True North)