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Nearly $1M Committed to Further Lake Winnipeg Clean-Up

May 23, 2014 10:12 AM | News

Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)

Lake Winnipeg (HANDOUT)

The federal government is funding 16 new projects to clean-up Lake Winnipeg.

The nearly $1 million in funding announced Friday comes from the Lake Winnipeg Basin Stewardship Fund, part of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative.

“Like the National Conservation Plan, these projects make a difference, and help protect Canada’s rich natural heritage from coast to coast to coast. Together we can all create a healthier future for Lake,” MP Shelly Glover said during a news conference at FortWhyte Alive.

Types of funded projects include wetland restoration, innovative wastewater treatment, new agricultural practices, and cutting-edge scientific research.

The health of the lake is already being restored with previously announced funding of more than $5 million for 59 community stewardship projects.

— Staff