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Rain Rising Water Levels on Lake Winnipeg

June 23, 2014 3:14 PM | News

By Sarah Klein

Lake Winnipeg

Beach and dock along shore of Lake Winnipeg (SHUTTERSTOCK)

Water levels on Lake Winnipeg are expected to rise seven inches in the next month due to above average rainfall recently.

Manitoba Hydro put out a warning Monday, saying people around the lake and downstream on the Nelson River should be aware that levels are expected to remain high for the remainder of the summer.

Hydro is continuing to maintain maximum outflows on its additional outlets as part of the Lake Winnipeg Regulation project.

Lake Winnipeg is currently at 715.2 feet above sea level and is expected to peak at 715.8 feet by the end of July.

Flows out of the lake into the Nelson River are at 150,000 cfs or 45 percent higher than normal for this time of year.