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Siloam Mission Receives Large ‘Ginch’ Donation

November 10, 2014 12:26 PM | News

GotGinch Underwear DriveA practical clothing donation arrived to Siloam Mission on Monday morning in the form of 5,000 pairs of underwear.

Got Ginch/Need Knickers and DeliverGood.org are on their sixth annual cross-country campaign to raise awareness about the basic need of underwear often being overlooked as a donated item to shelters.

The initiative provided 4,000 pairs of men’s underwear and 1,000 pairs of ladies garments to the Winnipeg homeless shelter.

“Underwear, both men’s and women’s, often tops our urgent needs list,” said Floyd Perras, Siloam Mission’s executive director. “Underwear seems so simple but it is essential and it means so much to the dignity of those we serve.”

Judy Richichi, director of major gifts and corporate relations for Siloam Mission, hopes Winnipeggers will feel inspired to make their own donation.

“This is a challenge to help us provide basic needs to our neighbours experiencing homelessness,” she said.