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Manitoba Craft Beer Industry to Benefit from Lower Markups

December 17, 2015 12:39 PM | News

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Lower markups for small Manitoba craft breweries, craft distilleries, and cottage wineries will allow businesses to grow and new ones to get off the ground.

The new markup structure means small producers will keep more revenue from sales of their products, or price their items more competitively to grow market share.

“As a new brewery in Manitoba, these changes will make starting up so much easier,” said Tyler Birch, owner of Barn Hammer Brewing. “We will have more freedom to keep our beer interesting and still thrive.”

Ron Lemieux, minister responsible for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, said on Thursday the province will also create a new working group to encourage the establishment of craft-style distillers in Manitoba.

“The craft brewing strategy has been successful in supporting the local beer industry and we want to ensure our local craft distillers get support as well,” said Lemieux.

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