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Section of Westview Park Closing for Landscaping

April 26, 2016 12:01 PM | News

City of Winnipeg LogoA small section of Westview Park will close for landscaping beginning on Wednesday.

Also known as “Garbage Hill,” the park will see its south side covered up with compost as exposed waste underneath has recently appeared. The park is one of Winnipeg’s closed landfills, which operated from 1875 to 1948. It mainly accepted material in the form of ash and glass from the city’s old garbage incinerator building.

Compost from leaf and yard waste will be used to build up the south side of the hill again. Native grass and wildflower seeds will also be used.

Barriers will be placed around the area until the grass and flowers are fully established. It is expected the barriers will be up for at least a year.

— Staff