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Syvixay to Represent Winnipeg’s Downtown in New York

June 8, 2016 4:53 PM | News

Jason Syvixay

Jason Syvixay (CPRS / HANDOUT)

Downtown Winnipeg BIZ managing director Jason Syvixay is off to New York to represent the city to the International Downtown Association.

Syvixay is one of 26 industry professionals chosen to attend the inaugural Emerging Leader Fellowship Program, June 19-24.

“I’m eager to learn from my colleagues around the world about placemaking best practices to best engage businesses, residents, and community to imagine what is possible, and to learn more about the various public-private partnerships that can be built to stimulate development plans and mixed-income housing and neighbourhoods,” Syvixay said.

“I’m also excited to share with the other fellows all of the exciting initiatives and programs that are making Winnipeg a world-class destination and urban lab.”

Senior staff members from three countries and 18 provinces or states will all attend. Syvixay is one of four Canadians chosen.

The week-long Emerging Leader Fellowship program will allow fellows to learn essential leadership and place management skills, and gain practical tools in the areas of place-based economic development, the live-work-play experience, and public-private partnerships.